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USA! What will You Do with Your King? – Messenger Gwendolen Song

Rhema Word: USA! What will You Do with Your King?

May 31, 2020
Messenger Gwendolen Song

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To My dearest children at the end of the Church Era.
Children, your church buildings have now closed. And now I want to ask you some questions. What will you do with your King? Will you crown Me as LORD of All or will you place Me in a box on the shelf in your heart and only bring Me out when you are afraid or it’s convenient for you? Will you bring Me out when you are done surfing your precious internet or purchasing your cosmetics and fancy clothing? Will you get Me off the shelf in your heart when you are done with your miracle diets and workout routines? Will you get me off the shelf in your heart when you have finished working in your yard making your home more appealing than your neighbors? What will you do with your King? I AM SITTING HERE WAITING ON YOU TO WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH ME.

Many of you have been given a much needed vacation from your jobs. You have all the time in the world and yet, what have you done with your King? You say that you love Me with your mouth, but in your heart you have placed ME in a box up on the furthest shelf. Out of sight out of mind. That is where you have placed Me.

America! Pride has caused your fall! Pride and vanity! You have chosen to make yourselves as little gods ignoring the One True God of the Universe. You say in your hearts that you no longer need Me. I have created you in My own image and yet you do not care about that declaration from My Holy Word. I repent for making you, America. You have grieved the heart of your King. You have turned on Me and now for a season I will turn My face from you! I will allow the Antichrist System to arise from the land and the sea and soon your borders will be overtaken by foreign troops. You will bow down to their gods and you will follow their martial laws. They have been amidst you for decades and yet, I would have removed them. I would have given you more grace, but you have not listened to My Mighty Ones, My appointed Watchmen on the Walls of your land.

America, your land has fallen and now you must OBEY them for a season. Then I will turn My face back to you when you realize that I too have feelings. I am a kind and loving God and friend. I only wanted you for Myself. For My good pleasure. To share the goodness of My precious creation. But again, you did not want your King.

I am still the King, dearest ones. Even if you will not bow down to Me now, you will bow down to Me later. Everything that I have created will eventually bow down to Me one day, and that day is coming sooner than you can comprehend. I am cleansing the earth of all the decay and rubble that satan and his evil accomplices have caused. I am the One True King of the Universe and this is My Eternal Promise. I Am coming! I Am coming! I Am coming. Come unto Me now before it is too late.

LORD JESUS, The One True King of the Universe, The Maker of Heaven and Earth

Amen and Amen


Many people may be confused with the phrase in the Rhema word that God repented for making America. God did not make a mistake in making America, bc God is omnipotent. He knew that we would sin and is deeply saddened that we have made the wrong choices. He is all powerful. What repent means in this message is a deep sorrow as He looks back on our disobedience.


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