USA Flag Vision – Victoria Ang

USA Flag Vision

May 6, 2022 10:46 AM
Victoria Ang


This morning I saw again 717 (means to gather or pluck in Hebrew)❤️ While praying in the Spirit this morning I was given a powerful vision….

Before I get into the vision I want to explain some things so you can have a clearer understanding.

….This vision would seem to contradict the prior vision the Lord gave me. But understand that is not the case. Prayers can change outcomes. Prayers can move mountains. The Lord is always at work behind the scenes. And when he gives a dream or vision sometimes it’s not the whole picture. And prayers can alter the picture ,with the end result.

The Lord is at work right now. Moving out the people in power of the U.S.that are corrupt and have evil intentions. And dealing with them in His own way. As vengeance is the Lords. And they will be held accountable for their evil actions .He is replacing them with men and woman of God…….

That being said here is the vision I received while in prayer….

I saw a woman in a room sitting in a chair. She had the flag of the United States in her lap. The flag was torn and tattered.It was very long . Like exaggerated in size. Like it went on for miles…All up and down the flag were tears and rips.I saw this woman meticulously working on the flag. Mending and repairing the flag.

I saw several other people in the room. Some were on both sides of this flowing flag. Each person was holding the flag up near where the woman was repairing the flag. I saw an area of the flag that had gotten caught on the side of this table. And areas of the flag had piled up in the corner. Some of the workers were carefully pulling those areas of the flag that had gotten caught. Being ever so careful not to further damage the flag. I saw some of the other workers making sure that the woman repairing ,had the proper thread and pieces needed to repair the flag.And the vision ended….


As I mentioned God is at work behind the scenes.Tearing down all the evilness in the U.S. From people in power, drug companies, politicians, our judicial system etc . Going into every area of the U.S. where evilness lies causing the downfall of the U.S. God is repairing and rebuilding the U.S. through our prayers. And using the JOINED efforts of “THE BODY” of Christ! …… ALL PRAISE AND HONOR TO GOD!! 😍😘🙌🏻🙌🏻💕😇


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