Urgent words from the Lord – Wendi

3/14/2015 @ 4:35 AM Wendi – YouTube: Urgent words from the Lord

Daughter write my words for those that have ears to hear and eyes to see.
My children, this is it my loves. My last message to you. After today there will be no more warnings. I have ensured that all my children has seen or heard my warnings. Whether they take then to heart is up them. I force myself on no one. I am the perfect gentleman. Children, what comes now is pure evil on to your earth. My fallen angels, the Nephilim are on their way. I have also been warning about these demons for quite some time now. Giving my sons and daughters dreams and visions of them.

My Holy Bride will be able to discern who they are. For they will put on disguises as humans. My Bride will have my complete power within them, ready to rebuke and destroy them. The Nephilim will be trying to mix the DNA just as they did in Noah‘s time. They were trying to play God and that‘s why they were marrying the daughters of God. They completely are jealous of my children the Adams. They will be one of the most evil and vile demons they will be working for your governments my children. They will be introducing the mark of the beast as a way for you to become a little god. This mark of the beast is the Obama Care Chip RIFD that is implanted into my children‘s skin. Please do not take it. It will change your DNA and you will be eternally damned. I hate to see this happen my children.

But, you have rejected your own God. The very God who created you with a heart that only I can fill and satisfy. It saddens me greatly that my sleepy church will have to go through the tribulation hour but it is as it must me. My Bride will be sent around this earth, helping my children from the great evil and leading them straight into my loving arms. I will not leave you completely defenseless my children. My mercy abounds greatly for my creation. My Bride has been trained and raised up for as a time as this. This is what they were born to do. Is to help me collect my end-times harvest. They will be sent out two by two just like my disciples were in my days on earth. They will preach my Holy Word they will heal the sick. They will raise the dead. They will cast out evil spirits. They will do much much more in my name.

This daughter of mine will be one of my disciples at this time. A fisher of men, which I revealed to her yesterday. My children, this is the most important message that you could ever hear. Please take head and know that this will be worse than anything you have ever imagined. My Fathers hand is going to shake this earth and it is going to tremble. The earth itself is going to travail. The birth has come from all the birth pains. There will be earthquakes such as you have never seen before. The volcanoes will be exploding the weather will be ferocious. The enemy is going to invade all countries. It is going to be a sad state of affairs for my lukewarm children and the lost. Once I close up this era there will be no more coming through my grace and mercy you will have to face evil and ruthless consequences.

This has been spoken of in my word for thousands of years. This time of woes I do not wish for any one of my children to perish but it unfortunately will be sudden destruction and death for some. Please come to your knees and pour out your soul and your heart. I am a merciful God. I can save you. I have the ability to save all of my creation if they would just humble themselves and come to complete repentance to me. There is nothing I cannot do. For I am the great I am who was is and is to come. My children, if you miss my great rescue, I have had my messengers prophets and prophetesses post instructions on the internet. Once the governments get the electricity back on please go to these messages you will find great help from me the great Jehovah. If you come to me after my rapture, than you will find places of safety, which my Bride will lead you to. If you come to me after I rapture my Bride, you will be protected for I am a merciful and gracious God. I will answer your pleas. It will be such a dark dark evil time, but your God will get you through. Even if you are left behind.

You just cannot imagine the horrors the earth is about to go through. I have warned and warned. Only through my warnings of love to fall on deaf ears. It is now time for the culmination of all things the end of the earth as you know it. The end of life as you know it. Please repent repent repent to me your savior before it is too late. I love you my beautiful creation, Your God the Great I Am will now begin the ending of this era in a most undesirable way. The godless will get what they want, a world without me the one true God it is time, It is time. It is time The clock has stuck midnight. I love each and every one of my children. I do I do I do. Love your mighty powerful full of pain in His heart,
King Yeshua HaMashiac


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