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URGENT WARNING: USA/World “My Children MUST Prepare for War! – Michelle Katherine Orts

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URGENT WARNING: USA/World “My Children MUST Prepare for War!

October 13, 2023 7:31 AM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Message received Friday, 13th, 2023 6:30AM CT USA

Prophetic Alert. Fasting Friday. 10/13/2023
Message received from King Jesus 6:30AM Central Time. Wisconsin, USA given to me, Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Ordained Apostolic Minister Pastor/Reverend David Orts, for The Global Bride of Christ and to all yet to be redeemed among all humanity everywhere!

Dear Saints of Christ Jesus in USA and all over the world. Jesus God made flesh wants to prepare you for what is about to impact the earth. The same exact Holy Spirit, which Jesus has Graciously infused me and every true believer with, The Same Stand By Helper Who warned me twenty-two years ago, precisely between Midnight and 4:30AM Pacific Time, on The Eve of 9/11/2001, about there being “Terror in The Sky!” is telling me RIGHT NOW that our Eternal enemies of our Souls are planning ground, air and sea warfare against us as many of us in this nation USA, and also in other nations, still remain unaware and are literally still asleep! The Fallen are utilizing long standing Tribal, Political and Religious feuds against humanity in order to create their ultimate goal of total global domination. The victims of this World War will belong to all races, all religions, all cultures and all Tribes.

“An attack is incoming! My Children in USA and in ALL nations of the earth MUST PREPARE! PREPARE YOUR FAMILIES NOW! FOR SOME, YOU WILL, ENTIRE FAMILIES WILL, STEP INTO ETERNITY WITH ME! INTO MY LOVING ARMS! BRACE YOURSELVES NOW! My Children MUST prepare for War! This next Message is to My Remnant Who remains with Me, in Me, remains on earth waiting to be with Me. HOLD ON TO ME, to My Hem, WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH. Do not be discouraged or fearful! I will provide for your every need. And I WILL NEVER EVER LEAVE YOU ALONE!!!Draw NEARER to Me NOW!!!”~King Jesus

Remember who it is we fight against. He is not human. They are not human! Our Common Enemy, Humanity’s Common Enemy is The Serpent of Old, Satan aka Lucifer and all his fallen demonic angelic bloodless Serpentine creatures and their nephilim human-hybrid progeny!

Things in this world, in our reality, in our day to day world, are not as they seem and they are not as they will be appearing. The Deceiver is about to Deceive on a very Grand Scale. Global War is here. The enemy wants this global War for Souls to be kept secret so he can kill, steal and destroy with the element of true surprise, without warning! Warn everyone! Do not panic but do prepare, physically, emotionally and most of all spiritually! Take this warning to Creator God Jesus in prayer right now!

Israel did not receive any warnings from their media or government until the attacks were well underway many hours later and there was already much bloodshed.

Maui did not receive and alerts, sirens, messages or warnings by their media or government until it was too late and THOUSANDS were blocked from leaving and succumbed to the unnatural superheated incinerating metal and glass fires!

Wake Up! Spiritually Prepare! Put on The FULL ARMOR OF GOD! War is soon incoming! Do NOT fear! Jesus is WITH US who place our FULL TRUST in Jesus! Listen ONLY to Your Good Shepherd Who will NEVER mislead or misdirect you!

“Do not trust your physical senses. They are being manipulated by advanced means. Sudden arrivals of foreign non-human “visitors” will fill both the airways and the airwaves! Do not be deceived.”~ Jesus Word made flesh speaks.

Holy Spirit explains to me further to tell me to tell you my Precious Brothers and Sisters in The Endtime Warrior Remnant of Christ Jesus, to tell you, all of us who are Bethrothed to Our Eternal Bridegroom Jesus, Yeshua, we who are His Bride, this,

“You will experience strange things. You will hear things you’ve never heard and see things you’ve never seen before. Do not be disheartened. Do not be deceived. The enemy is going to go “all out” with using all the “bells and whistles” he can to try and sway all humanity to his side. Satan’s side leads all to Hell, real eternal Hell with no hope of redemption.”

Note: As confirmation while writing this Prophetic Warning down, a strange never before heard, at least by me, whistle started to sound out of my tablet as I was writing this down to share with you. It happened two times and lasted several seconds. It was disconcerting. I had all alerts silenced for all platforms. I do not know the exact source.

Brothers and Sisters we must continue to Preach and Teach The Gospel even now upon the Eve of War about to arrive in USA, on our own soil! In our own homes and lands!

ONLY Jesus The Son of God can save you, me, anyone from Hell and The Lake of Fire. Only The Sinless Blood of Jesus, of God’s Own Begotten not made Son, equal to His Father in Totality, can save our souls from Hell which is the mandatory sentence given to all who CHOOSE to refuse God’s Free Gift of Salvation.

Please if you the reader do not yet know Jesus, Yeshua as your Lord, God, King and Savior? do not refuse Jesus’ Free Eternal Salvation! Please prepare your soul now, for we are at War.

In King Jesus’ Service and in His Holy Agape and Most Power Redemptive Saving and Delivering Love,
👑💟👑Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Ordained Apostolic Minister Pastor/Reverend David Orts

TY 👑 King Jesus Precious Savior! ALL GLORY belongs to You Alone! Let Your Anointing be upon and remain upon This Word and Accomplish Your Holy Will. Amen.

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