Urgent Warning: Summary of judgment events coming – Kevin Barrett

Urgent Warning: Summary of judgment events coming – Kevin Barrett

December 2, 2013

Greetings Dear Saints and Readers,

By now, we should all know that the Lord has been warning us of His coming judgments. I would have thought that some of the events He has warned us about would have taken place by now, but as I mentioned in my post on October 20th, I feel that the Lord had given us just a little more time to prepare.

However, I now have a strong urgency in my spirit to warn others about the closeness and seriousness of the judgment events that are upon us. Here is a summary of warnings the Lord has given me for His church:

  • Cataclysmic event that will cause millions of people to lose their lives and change life as we know it.
  • Civil war in the U.S.
  • Persecution of Christians.
  • Judgment on churches and church leaders.
  • War coming to American soil.

I don’t know what order these events will take place, but I have a strong sense that something big is coming very soon. Some people have written me and asked me about prophecies referencing three days of darkness that many on YouTube are prophesying. I have not heard anything specific about this from the Lord, however, if there is a huge asteroid or something to cause the earth’s poles to shift, it is highly possible that the earth will not rotate during this time and that would cause darkness on part of the world. In addition, there would be catastrophic events world-wide.

We should all be prepared by getting into the Lord’s presence often and repenting of all sin. Allow Him to search our hearts and reveal any hidden sin that we may have. For as we all should know, our own hearts deceive us. (Jeremiah 17:9)

In addition, we should also be prepared in the natural. We should have extra food stored up, possibly water too. We should have emergency supplies and even cash on hand if possible because it’s also probable that we cannot get to our bank money when needed.

Most importantly, do not get into fear. Those that have repented and earnestly sought the Lord will be covered by Him. Even if we were to lose our life here on earth, we would be in His arms in heaven.

As I mentioned, I have a strong urgency in my spirit to get this warning out to others so that we may all be prepared and under His protection. I don’t know when the judgments will begin; I just feel an urgency in my spirit to be prepared.

I have been preparing in the natural for some time now with any extra funds I would possibly have from the donations given to me from a few brothers and sisters in Christ. I thank those of you so much for your love and faithfulness. I possibly still need a few small items, but the main thing that I have not been able to do yet is to store gasoline for our generator for the RV that my brother and I live in. If anyone feels lead to assist us in this through a donation, that would be much appreciated.

Below are links to prophetic warnings the Lord has given that are pertinent to the coming events. I pray in Jesus’ name that the Lord’s mercy and protection may be upon you all and your families….

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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