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URGENT WARNING!! GRID DOWN! BLACK OUTS! Communications down & Banks emptied. INVASION – NWO Nemesis


URGENT WARNING!! GRID DOWN! BLACK OUTS! Communications down & Banks emptied. INVASION

December 4, 2021
NWO Nemesis


Auto Generated Transcript
brief holy spirit of the lord woke me up
this morning and he told me to tell you
get ready for blackout get ready for
grid down get ready for cyber polygon
now you see when the lights go out a lot
of bad things are gonna happen because
they thinned the military they’ve been
the police force they’ve been the
doctors and nurses fire and rescued you
the hospitals are now command centers
for the red dragon that’s what i’m going
to say boldly
whether you know it or not this has been
a long time thought out meticulous plan
for the deconstruction of the united
states of america
and defend the herd as they’re talking
about hurt immunity
no it’s about then the herd get ready
for cyber polygon get ready for blackout
now when you talk about blackout that
means communications are down
no running water no food no heat
so there are many things that you can do
even the simplest things could save your
life get water filters get clorox get
off brown crisco with the tapered
candles cut it off put those candles
inside that crisco it’ll burn for 72
hours you can get 90 alcohol get two tin
cans one smaller than the other put the
smaller one inside of the large one and
put sand or dirt
around it fill it with 90 alcohol and
cotton balls and you will have a clean
source of fuel
source of heat
source of something to cook your food on
get a lot of canned goods and don’t wait
get a lot of water get yourself a water
filter at walmart or wherever for twenty
dollars that the military uses when
they’re out
in the wilderness
okay get yourself some self-defense
whatever that would be and get yourself
ready because when the lights go out bad
things are going to happen look at my
community post
i’m going
to post two
open-eyed visions that the lord gave me
in 2019
and in the early 2020 when i saw kali
coming to the east coast
being called forward
coming to the east coast fighting off
the east coast and stomping inland and
slaughtering whether you know it or not
this is all about the rise of the red
the beast system america has to be
removed i’m sorry to tell you
it’s going to be shocking
and and totally upsetting to so many
people because they’re going to get the
rug pulled out from underneath them and
they’re not going to be prepared because
they didn’t listen to the warnings of
god so i don’t want you to be like that
so listen to the warnings of god god
told me this morning get ready for
consider plumbing reversals
all kind of horrible things get ready
for blackout
get yourself ready get some buckets get
trash bags
get something that you can keep yourself
that you can cook food purify your water
and take care of your hygiene
and self-defense tools please go listen
to chad carr
you have to understand that this has
been planned and you’re already
surrounded at any point in time grid
and they’re fully
on board it’s the dog whistle so i’m
trying to tell you
to trust in the lord but even david went
out and got five stones okay so get
yourself ready
get yourself ready for grid down it’s
coming and it’s probably gonna be when
it’s the coldest and when they’ve done a
few things to
distract you
from what they’re about to pull okay
listen for my next post because i’m
going to be showing you
a concert that was done in wuhan china
in 2019
where their military did a concert
ceremony in 2019.
if you haven’t seen it
then you need to see it the lord led me
to this this morning
where the u.n chinese soldiers did a
which goes along with the vision that i
had in 20
august of 2020 so i’m trying to let you
we don’t know how much time we have but
it would be better to be prepared than
to be caught off guard
a lot of people are going to lose their
because they’ve had everything
spoon fed to them they’ve lived in
luxury they could they could go and get
food from
you know
the fast food this is not gonna ever go
back to normal grid down lights out bad
things happen get yourself ready that’s
what i have to say today and no fear but
be prepared when you’re prepared you’ll
more confidence that god will be able to
take what you have
and use it to save your life go listen
to chad carr youtube go listen go read
the man is prolific he’s trying to save
your life some of the things that he’s
writing and sharing could save your very
life all right god bless you i’ll talk
to you soon go look at my community post
have a great day i’m getting ready


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