URGENT WARNING FROM YHWH!!!!!! THE FATHER CRIES REPENT!!!!!!! (Abortion Message) – Sister Devin


Message Abortion

Received January 22nd, 2019

This is an urgent message to New York City and to the nations.



The Father God says:

“Warning to New York City and to the nations. My babies’ blood will be on your head. Harken to these words: Thus saith the LORD, O foolish and sinful generation, My eyes see your filthy abominations. Do you not understand from hence you came? You came from the dust and you will return to the dust. I know you think in your carnal mind you were going to get away with the murders of My unborn babies, but I tell you this: every vote that passes this sickening bill will be an arrow in your heart. My judgment will fall. You take life and you will lose yours, Thus saith the Lord God.

I have seen enough! You have sickened me deep in My heart. My children’s blood will be poured out over your head. Hear me America, land of the heathen and reprobate mind. You have denied My Holy Word, you have denied My Son’s sacrifice on the Cross for your sins. Now you will be drowned in My children’s blood. You are being strangled by the serpent and can not see what is on you, rapped around you whispering filth in your ears. Do you think the words “Kill the babies.” Come from Me? NO I SAY, I SCREAM NO! It comes from the deepest pits of hell where you will see your demise someday. What you do to My babies will be done to you by satan and his demons. Is this what you want? Do you want to be ripped apart by demons for eternity? Then STOP murdering My babies. STOP MURDERING MY BABIES!!! (The Father began to weep and she comforted her friend) “STOP murdering My babies! You are going to see My wrath. You think you know me, YOU DO NOT! You have one thing right: Jesus is Love, therefore I AM going to protect My children from you demons who call yourselves humans. I AM going to protect My children!

“New York City, America, I speak to you. I AM The Most High God, Yahweh. I AM the Creator of Heaven and earth. Your Creator. The Father of the babies you are murdering. Hear these words clearly: IF you pass this bill and continue to murder My babies, I AM going to destroy you. I will not hold back. My Mighty Hand will sweep across your city and your nation and you will be laid waste. Your carcasses will lay in the streets and you will lay your own blood. You have not seen My wrath. Read My Holy Word and you will know who I AM truly is. I AM a Righteous and Holy God. I AM a Warrior! The Great I AM is warning you. I wish for none to perish. Repent now and I will spare you! Come before Me now, on bent knee, and seek me for I will forgive you. I Love all of My children. The GREAT I AM has spoken.”
From God the Father, The Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Scriptures Given: Ezekiel 7 KJV and Nahum 1:3

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