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Urgent Warning For Oregon – Carla

Urgent Warning For Oregon

Jun 5, 2019, 2:13 PM
i am very reluctant to write this to you, but, i do not want blood on my hands…i beg you to seek the Lord Jesus for discernment…
a word given this morning to me, june 5, 2019….
“HE raises people up-oversight-a petition of a faithful servant- cinnamon- a new bombshell- you’ve never been here before….end of message………………
volcano came to mind. i looked it up and in Oregon, there is the Cinnamon Butte. as i was looking into this and looking at surrounding areas, a dream-vision came back to mind…in the dream, i knew i was on the west coast of the U.S…i was in the sky looking down. i saw a busy town. it was dusk…then suddenly a volcano erupted. then another one, then a third…they seemed to be all in a row, but, several miles apart. one thing that sticks out in the dream were antique/classic cars…here in the northwest we will have classic car shows…one is scheduled for Sunriver, Oregon on July 20,2019…i had sent a word into the Prophecynews channel not to long ago…i received it on Jan. 28,2019…it referred to God’s judgement….millions will die.    carla


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