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URGENT: UNDERSTANDING THE IMPLICATION OF CORONAL MASS EJECTIONS (CME) as they relate to Prophecy “32 HOURS FROM NOW” by Michelle Katherine Orts – Handmaid of the Most High


March 13, 2022 5:37 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

Compiled beginning 4:30PM 3/13/2022

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I am writing this with a sense of great urgency and I am praying that the Lord will make a way for this if it is His Will.

He has given me prior words that included mentions of the Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) and also about the power grid going down. In essence, CME’s are large bursts of energy that are ejected off the sun and into the atmosphere causing that shock of energy to travel and hit what is in front of it. Some of the things it causes when it hits earth (which it has been doing with greater regularity in the past few years is impacting changes in earth via the magnetic field such as but not limited to: earthquakes, movement of water (waves, increased power in the tidal strength), electricity disruptions (even an entire earth blackout), communication disruptions, as well as Aurora Borealis.

It has been almost a daily thought for me that it isn’t a matter of if they will impact the earth in a significant way (as it already is) but how severe and when this will devastate the world. To such point that regions impacted the worse will suffer so much destruction that recovery will require great sums of money and materials to correct the problems they cause (that most will not receive help).

Many of those who study these events have been warning of the impact of ejections that have been happening for the last few months and voiced concern over the ones happening this week. The biggest concern being the evening of March 13 and into Monday, March 14, 2022.

I reached out to the webmaster, Jonathan, early last week and mentioned this along with other topics but since I hadn’t heard more from the Holy Spirit to write specifics I just waited to see what comes next. Then this afternoon, I read a prophecy from Michelle Katherine Orts. Seeing the title, I thought it would be about the CME’s happening tonight. As I read more, she mentioned the billiard ball that her husband saw in a vision, that is was white and yellow with a black stripe which stood out to me. I kept awaiting her mention of the CME, however her focus was the unveiling of the Antichrist (of course that is mighty important).

We know in scripture that what we are witnessing in the sky is a signal that Christ told us to observe in the last moments of history. This is perhaps why man has been tampering with air travel from flight to going into other parts of the universe, to spying on all the people on earth, to learning to control weather, and innerdimensional travel as well as time travel for more than the last century. We are in those days, anyone saying otherwise is blind and deceived and I encourage you to pray for them that they will hear the truth of the Holy Spirit!

When I had heard that “aliens” would come to earth decades ago and more recently how AI worked, it all made sense to me. It is certainly not beyond the enemies ability to connect the rise of the Antichrist with an Aurora Borealis. In fact, I would be surprised if he didn’t.

These are things I’ve understood for so many years, that it has become a part of the big puzzle pieces the Holy Spirit has revealed to me.

In has been an amazing last couple weeks, people that I have had a check in my spirit have been truly showing their allegiance to the enemy! God has made it abundantly clear to avoid these ones. One even posted the stripe portion satanic flag in his background on his youtube channel! FYI, it looks like the American flag but the stripes are black instead of blue and some have a pentagram with the goat head instead of the stars, there is more than one variation and they are available for sale even on the internet’s biggest sites. They “elites” already revealed their golden cube in Central Park, New York City earlier this year signalling that the NWO is here now! Which I wrote about in February.

Folks this is not a drill.

The Heavenly Father revealed that the Tribulation began in March 2020 through me. Only in the last six to nine months are others saying the same. It is about to get really bad this year. September 2022 will be the time when life will be awful. Many millions it will wake to the horror of life, while others who remain blind at a great cost (even eternal spiritual devastation separated from the Living God) and the deaths a large part of the world population!

Pray over this, I got detoured in my plans for the day to write this because I know that things are about to unfold and I pray it is NOT what I shared. I don’t know if tonight has significance but I’ve known since every early January that March had great importance and that this coming September is going to be so horrific that when I think of what I do know it makes me feel like vomiting from the horror’s already revealed to me!

War is coming to American soil soon.

Key takeaway thoughts:

1) There will most certainly be major world events coming many will be devastating to people’s all over the earth including Great and Severe Earthquakes causing tremendous destruction.

2) Look up your redemption draws near as Christ warned in Matthew for there will be signs of heaven to communicate the last days for all those who understand and hear from the Heavenly Father

3) You are very loved, God warns before judgment comes, He has been warning for decades (through His true Last Day Prophets) and through His word since the Beginning. Heed the warnings to prepare spiritually and physically as He directs you.

4) Darkness is coming in new ways not previously seen! There will be internet down events, banking cessation (no money access so that the new world currency can be released), persecution of the Christians, no electricity, earthquakes, more tsunami’s, severe tidal changes (rip currents), wars, nuclear attacks, crop failures, mass starvation, undrinkable water, no gas (all planned for by the elite to keep you stranded), no medical care and soon the rollout of the mark.

I am not including scripture here because I want this published before 8:30 EST and it is already after 6:30PM. Additionally, this is a summary/overview of many other words I’ve received from the Holy Spirit posted on this website – they can be searched for using key search words and plenty of scripture to support it. If you have a working knowledge of the scripture, then I know the Holy Spirit is telling you where to find it. Otherwise, spend the time to find those scriptures by reading the prior posted prophecies.

Finally, the attacks that are coming at me are many and unceasing, I implore you to pray for me. I have had some nasty things done that reveal just how much the enemy hates being exposed by me and I have tremendous difficulty even arranging medical care (surgeries) and even get respiratory medication (since last May!). Some of the deceived ones (who claim to be Christ’s followers) are even accusing me of ugly things, some even post “prophecies” here, so be advised that there are many, who are deceived also attempting to deceive you, they are tools of satan. Matthew 7:21-23

WATCH AND PRAY. You are accountable to seek the Lord on all matters and discern the times! Know that if you promote or support someone who twists the gospel, that you are a partner in their sin! The blood that is caused by their sin, will be on your hands as well. Know the scripture that states it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God! Hebrew 13:26-39

~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:18-19, Psalm 37:30


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