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May 3, 2021 3:22 PM
Daniel Masika

Dear Friends and Partners on 444 Prophecy News, Blessing and Peace, Thank You so much, Everyone for Prayers, For Love and Support, For Making Love Lead we are working Together, with the King of Kings and the Lamb of God in the Vineyard we are Giving Hope to the Hopeless Children and Giving a meaning to This precious Children’s as the scripture says (Blessed is he who cares for the poor; the LORD will deliver him in the day of trouble Psalm 41:1)

-Few Days we have been Off the Internet working on few Children in Hospital, the Two have been on surgery on tumor in Private area, and three had rectal prolapse That needed to be Corrected, and Four are Battling Epilepsy and two with mouth cleft palate are all here in the Hospital Now, we don’t have any Money on us Now, But the Surgeries, Treatment, and all medical care and Tests need us to Pay $7,250 Please Help us Raise this Funds for the Children Please Click here Via Paypal Please Click here to donate


-This Group of Children that has Hydrocephalus, Cerebral palsy, Autism are Back in the Home after Treatment, we have enough their Types of Food , Diapers, Soap, Skin Oil ,all Other Children’s are doing well Happy and in Sound Health Please Thank You for Your Continued Support, Click here to watch the small Video on how we handle the Children with Physical Challenges During the Games Time Click here https://youtu.be/gzC5eziget8

Much Love


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