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July 14, 2021 4:01 AM
Daniel Sadaka

Dear Friends and Partners on 444 Prophecy News
Shalom, and Blessings, Greetings From The Children’s and Our Team , We are Grateful and Thankful to God and all The Friends and Partners on 444 Prophecy News , Through Platform we are Transforming Children’s Lives Together, Giving them Meaning and Purpose With Hope and smile. we are Thankful for every Support this Platform has Offered to the 270 Children’s We Care for!!!

– One of Our Daughter , Harriet wamboi ,She is Nine Years Now, she is a Cripple and she Only Makes words, Voices That Cant be Understood she has a Problem Called Aphasia disorder, She Felt very sick Three Days ago which we Thought it was Common Problem , we Took her to the Clinic and she was Treated But Yesterday the Problem persisted so we were Referred to General Hospital, her skin was turning yellowing and the eyes white, and Fluid buildup in the legs and its Swollen, she Cant eat sounds Like she has no appetite , This Morning Tests were Done and she was Found with hemochromatosis Its Liver Problem and sounds like she was Born with it its inherited thing

-The Hospital management want us to Deposit $745 which is (ksh 74,000) Now as Their have started working on her, The Treatment is Going on We Don’t have enough Funds Now Please Help Join hands With Us to Pay This amount for Donation Click here to Donate Via PayPal

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This is Her Picture

Much Love
Daniel Sadaka

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