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Urgent Need to Prepare – Tim Price

Urgent Need to Prepare

July 18, 2020 8:05 PM
Tim Price

In this video I share 3 urgent dreams over the last few months which show:

1. Great-Depression like conditions are coming.

2. America is in an emergency state and close to collapse (and POSSIBLY another 9/11 event or situation coming in September this year if we don’t intercede in prayer).

3. What God showed me about how we need to prepare practically for the coming time (important!).

*Video note: I was shown by the Lord to BRACE YOURSELF at the end of 2016, and wrote about it on my blog at https://futurezion.blogspot.com/search?q=Brace+Yourself&m=1.  Now Dana Coverstone and others have seen the same. This season is a serious one, watch the video to see what the Lord is revealing now.

Here is the video link:

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Auto Generated Transcript

hey guys um this has been a while since
i’ve done
a video um i’m going to get right to it
because i think these days
we don’t have a lot of time um
and uh obviously serious things have
been going on so i hope everyone’s been
staying stay
staying safe these are obviously serious
and now more than ever we need to be
uh hearing the holy spirit um speak
and i think sometimes when people talk
about prophecy they either
are hot or cold towards it and they
forget at the end of the day that
prophecy is about the spirit speaking
and it’s hard to argue against the need
to hear
and be led by his spirit some people say
well i’m just a bible man
or woman i don’t need prophecy well
um it’s a paradox because the word
itself is prophetic the
bible says the testimony of
the spirit of prophecy is the testimony
of jesus so you can’t get away from it
but anyway prophecy is important and as
i say i’m going to get straight to it
june 25th a pastor called dana
coverstone of living word ministries
assemblies of god in berksville kentucky
had three prophetic
dreams now i’m not going to talk a lot
about this because i think most people
that are interested in prophecy have
heard this by now
um and in summary
he had three prophetic dreams for what’s
coming for
the rest of this year um
and they are specific warnings
that he saw um for
a few months coming in this year and i
really encourage you if you haven’t seen
it yet um there’s a link below in the
make sure you watch that video the holy
spirit says
thing serious things are still to come
this year
um and overall the message in his video
as i said i’m not going to say his whole
dream you can you can watch it yourself
i think it’s best to come from him
but the main message that he heard in
one of his three dreams was brace
brace yourself um and
it’s clear that this year we are going
to need to continue to brace ourselves
um people think when we had um
the covert thing like if we flatten the
we get over this uh we just need to get
through it and then we’ll get on with
um but the holy spirit has very clearly
for years in dreams to others and myself
showing that when the storm begins
it’s not going to pass and it hasn’t but
it’s going to increase and increase
and in in severity and we saw that
not long after covert we had the rights
thought that in america you’d see any
western country really
you’d see burning looting you’d see the
tragedy that happened with george floyd
and the racism
that happened but it happened um and
the the normal that we had people
talking about the the new normal with
covert well suddenly it seems like we’ve
entered a new
normal um in the u.s and even
here in australia and around the world
um there is a new normal
now um
when coveted first happened um i just
want to say briefly
i really sought the lord as to what this
would mean
for the world what would this mean for
australia for the west
and i had a dream where the lord showed
me that depression-like
conditions were coming
and i released that at the time and then
not long after i had that dream suddenly
commentators are saying
um depression like conditions are coming
i’m gonna kind of go through this rapid
fire because i don’t want this video
to go for too long um then uh a few
weeks ago
um i started praying again for america
and uh usually guys when i start
praying i’m not saying there’s anything
to do with me it’s just the faithfulness
and the mercy of god when i start
praying for something specific to know
something specific
god usually gives me a dream or reveals
and i started praying about what state
america was in
and what was coming um and i had a dream
where i saw a
white pillar the kind you’d see outside
of the u.s courthouse
or the white house that was badly eaten
to the point where it looked like if
much more happened it was gonna
topple then in the same dream i saw a
phone that said 911 and obviously we
the symbol of 911 stands for what
happened in 2001
and the dream was clear america is in an
emergency state and if we know if
america is in an
in an emergency state then the west is
because america um
is obviously the strongest power and
most other nations in the west rely on
for their alliances
in australia included in a huge way
anyway so that dream was clear as a call
to pray
america is in an emergency state right
um and depression-like conditions
are coming there you go fantastic that’s
very encouraging let me get to the end
but as i say i just want to keep going
through what the holy spirit has been
speaking because it’s been a while since
i’ve done
a video um and anyway so we come back to
dana coverstone’s
dream of brace yourself the holy spirit
is saying brace yourself because
this year we are going to see more
happen um this is we’re not flattening
the curve of what god is doing in the
earth we’re not flattening the curve of
what he’s allowing in the earth
um and so um
yeah so dana coverstone had this dream
brace yourself
um a few weeks before that so he had
that dream on june 25th
on april 28th um i
as i said i had been praying and this is
another dream i’ve been praying to the
lord lord what is coming
um as a consequence of covert but what
other things
if anything do your people need to be
prepared for
um you know if if they can do anything
at all
what should it be and i had a dream
honestly guys which shocked me
um and i’ll tell you why in a second and
this is just a short dream it’s a simple
one but in the dream
i was telling people very clear clearly
i saw myself on
on my youtube site telling people they
needed to get a gun
but i was making it as clear that
under no circumstance were they to
injure or hurt anyone with that gun now
if anyone knows me
they would know my stance on guns i
can’t stand them
i can’t stand them australia is not a
place of guns and i’m not saying that
we’re any better or worse than any other
native this is just the reality
and i’ve grown up in a in a place that
hasn’t needed them
i understand context in certain
countries that or whether it’s hunting
or whatever it may be there’s different
cultures and i get that but
i’m just saying me personally if you
knew me um
i can’t stand guns but in the dream very
clearly i was telling people on my
social media site get a gun
don’t kill anyone don’t hurt anyone
under no circumstances like
okay i’ll just say this the holy spirit
was making it very clear
do not do it if if you’re a student of
the word
you know in the new testament jesus says
love your enemies pray for those that
persecute you
you don’t see any one example in the new
testament of the apostles
um um hurting anyone the only exception
was when peter did it
um when they came to arrest jesus before
the cross
and then you know the lord basically
rebuked him
healed the guy that he’d hurt so jesus
is not
a god of wanting his people to
harm anyone but the point of this i
believe so
giving this some context is that we have
now entered a season
where again things are not going to get
easier okay
as a christian i’d encourage you to
take a mature mindset because
um in luke 22
okay listen to what jesus says about
this okay and people
sometimes quote this out of context and
they use this for their own means but
let’s see what jesus says okay luke 22
then jesus asked them
so he’s talking to the disciples here
when i sent you out without purse
or bag or sandals did you like anything
asking the disciples
nothing they answered okay when i sent
you out with these things
now however he told them the one with
the purse
should take it and likewise a bag
and the one without a sword should sell
his cloak
and buy one is jesus saying this
for i tell you that this scripture must
be fulfilled in me
and he was numbered with the
for what is written about me is reaching
its fulfillment
so they said look lord here are two
that is enough he answered okay so
notice here in this scripture guys that
you know some christians will say look
god is our protection and
you know beyond that nothing is needed
notice here that
um a change in time had come with the
previously okay post i mean pre-cross
the disciples along with jesus had
experienced a time with
relatively um actually mostly
acceptance okay they had had a season
where some may have disagreed with jesus
in them
but they didn’t persecute them they
didn’t reject them
um they didn’t harm them in any way
because of the gospel and because of
but here jesus is saying now look listen
this is about to change
okay in the uh you’re about to
say saying this to the shoppers you’re
expect about to experience persecution
you’re about to experience
the world turning against you um
and before i said don’t worry about a
now i’m saying get a sword okay
now notice there’s a difference between
getting one and using it
number one okay but here i believe what
jesus was saying was listen
now you have to act wisely you cannot
just go out
or you cannot just live your life and
expect that everyone is going to love
you you’re about to experience
persecution guys
in the west i believe very soon
we’re about to start seeing christians
being persecuted
okay in america christians start to be
as not so golden not so friendly not so
loving okay christians are very quickly
going to be seen as those that people
cannot trust
and just
more broadly we’re coming to a time
conditions are going to break down
and for example
someone had a dream recently where they
saw that
um this is in a rural town okay this is
in a dream
and uh suddenly there were those
or there were people outside their house
that had started to uh like in their
driveway or
out in the street who had started to
congregate and
claim that land as their own and
the person in the dream was asking what
are you doing like they were digging a
la train
and setting things up being like what
are you what are you doing and all of a
sudden they realized
um or the person firstly said to them
look don’t you realize
like in america there’s no such thing as
personal property anymore
um and so the person in the dream was
shocked and then
turned around at the house realized
their mistake uh because they went back
in their house and suddenly there was
someone on their couch watching tv
there was someone upstairs rummaging
around this stuff there was at least
i think there’s like three or four
people in their house that had just come
in and just
basically taken up their houses
squatters rights and when they asked
them to leave they just basically
laughed at them um and
yeah um and so
notice with the rights and with the
looting um the normal that we have
people think that can that’s not going
to change and nothing’s going to change
in the west
guys we are always only a couple of
degrees away i don’t want to sound like
a conspiracy nut
and you know an alarmist but you know we
take our peaceful
and our rights for granted sometimes and
um you know the lady that had that dream
suddenly realized look i hope i have
that gun in the house again not to harm
anyone but to say listen um you know
um yeah you better get out of my house
um otherwise you know um yeah
so guys some people say look so you’re
for to have a gun and for gun violence
no not at all
under no circumstances in my dream or in
her dream did she say that anyone was to
be harmed
um it’s more the symbolic thing of
having something that
say whether you had um you know i think
one guy a friend in the u.s just has
like wasp spray in his house and like a
taser or something or
a bat or something that some if someone
came to break into your house
or to do your harm would you have
something that
immediately they’d see even though you
wouldn’t use it um
that they would see and they’d frighten
them away you know um
i saw a news story the other day of a
few guys on the gold coast that were
going to break into a house at midnight
or something
and um you know as soon as they heard
there was a
camera on the door and it was watching
these guys trying to break in
and then as soon as they heard a dog
they ran for their lives now that could
thing could have been a fluffy white
you know small thing couldn’t have done
anything to them but
just the thought that it could was
enough to frighten them
um so in one sense the dog had done its
duty but
maybe the maybe the owners didn’t even
intend for that
um but i think guys what the holy spirit
is warning because this is serious
is that there’s coming a time where um
things are going to get so serious and
maybe so dangerous
that we’re going to need to just be
sensible you know people have uh
have a security system on their business
or their house and they lock their doors
because it’s sensible
um and again i
i can’t stand guns so half of me like i
haven’t seen this for a long time
on my youtube i shared it on my facebook
page but honestly
um i don’t like swords i don’t like the
idea of anything that
can harm another human being because
we’re made in god’s image
um but here jesus was telling the
disciples look
you’re not going to use these swords but
you need to be wise we’re in this world
we’re in a fallen
world and the times are serious
so yeah guys i just want to encourage
um be aware that god is our protection
but within that he asks us sometimes to
prepare not that we trust those
but we are wise
if noah had just gone look you know god
is my protector so i don’t need to build
an ark
um we know the irony in that when god
told him
look build an ark even then god was
known as protector but he said listen
you need to do this
so guys i’m saying especially i believe
okay this is my opinion now so take this
to the law because i we have to test
prophecy we have to test these things
but i believe if you’re in america
you need to especially take this
we have you have covered you have a
a really charged situation politically
racially at the moment
um and it’s not gonna i don’t think it’s
gonna take much
um for things to go downhill quickly now
we pray to god that does not happen we
hope it doesn’t happen
um but a wise man expects the best
prepares for the worst um
and uh yeah commits himself to god but
acts according to
the word as well so um
yeah guys um that’s the encouragement
but serious times are coming
depressant-like conditions are coming
god is revealed um and we know
how certain men will react to that um
america is an emergency situation at the
moment and it needs
prayer and dana coverstone in three
dreams saw specific things again if you
haven’t seen that video go and watch it
you especially if you’re in america
watch that video
um and he very clearly heard brace
three years ago i think it was three
years ago might have been four i have a
and i i even i wrote articles and
literally about two or three in a row
that were entitled like brace yourself
brace yourself
um and you brace yourself especially on
the ocean because you’re about to get
rocked um and so guys did
apostles god loved the apostles they got
god loved the new testament
they got persecuted pulled in right to
them and go this shouldn’t be happening
to you he said now listen
god is with you but you need to endure
to the end
you need to realize god is still
he’s with you but god is using this to
grow us into be more like christ the
servant is not above their master guys
if we don’t think when we’re going to be
we have no idea what religion we’re in
the the word actually says for you
yourself know that you were appointed to
such things
you won’t hear many preachers say that
and kind of get it because it’s
um but the reality is guys we are going
to suffer persecution we are appointed
to those things
not because we have an abusive god but
we have a god that wants us to be more
that has eternity in view and so we need
take these things seriously um
and trust god okay um
always end with grace and peace to his
to those that are in his ark by the
blood of christ
by the faith that he gives the grace
that he gives
grace and peace to you guys but um
understand commit yourselves to him pray
seek his leading maybe you don’t get a
gun maybe you get a bat
maybe you get something out maybe you
get a security system i don’t know the
point is not the gun
the point is um security is going to be
important in the days ahead just
and we need to take that seriously so
take that to god do not despise the word
says do not despise prophecy
many people despise prophecy most of the
church today has dismissed it
okay they’re going to see what a massive
mistake that is in the days to come
because the prophetic is going to be key
not because of
the people that are prophets all the
things themselves but because
god has chosen that as one of the ways
that he speaks
um as long as it lines up with the word
so guys bless you
um stay safe god loves you
realize the time you’re in prepare draw
close to god cleanse your hands
cleanse your um make sure you know
what’s going on in your heart seek
forgiveness with others
give to the poor be obedient to the word
and realize um we are in a serious time
um okay bless you guys see ya


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