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URGENT 2 DAY WARNING for 9/11/20!!! – DaughteroftheLord


URGENT 2 DAY WARNING for 9/11/20!!!

September 9, 2020 11:47 AM

I share this with urgency and with such grieving in my heart. I desire only to warn others to prepare and be obedient to what the Lord has called me to do as a vessel receiving His words. The Lord woke me up at 3:36 this am. Looking up 336 in Strong’s concordance and it means…every mountain and island (coastline) were moved out of their places. The innocent will be delivered; taking away life.

Please, REPENT and seek the Lord! He will guide and protect when you seek to abide in Him. Then when I went into prayer with the Lord I received these words below. I believe this plague will be in the water and will hit like a tidal wave fast and hard. Please, please take this to the Lord in prayer for confirmation and instructions. The Lord has been sending many warnings to stock up on water and food!!!

“There are things coming your way in two days that will cause destruction in your land. As the enemy wants to commemorate things that happened on that day and to send a message in a new way. Their goal is to conquer the hearts and minds of those living in the land of the free and for your nation to take a knee. The enemy stands at your gates determined to seal your fate. The attack on your soil will be a plague of boils that will start along the coastland and move inland. This will cause panic and fear and a nation filled with tears. The infection will cause destruction with your supply and demand as it sweeps across the land. This will require another lockdown to control all of what is bought and sold. They will reduce your food supply and will use the infection as the reason why. You must lean on me for the things you will see and come to me on bended knee. I will strengthen you and be your guide as you walk by my side. This judgement will humble the proud and reduce the crowd in moving around. Their focus is to limit what you do so they can control more of you. The time has come for more of the beast system to be allowed in.”

Your Heavenly Father


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