Urgency – D.

Urgency – D.

Wednesday September 5, 2018

This is a collection of 5 short messages I received from the Lord/Yeshua in August 2018. I’ve seen many dreams and had many visions of the times that are upon us but just now I have been compelled to write, with most of these occurring during deep prayer and intercession in late hours. Never before have I really felt so pressed in my spirit to do what the Lord was asking me by sharing these somehwere, and it’s taken me a while to understand His will. These are not as much prophetic as they seem to be as messages of urgency to wake up in faith. Nevertheless everyday my spirit feels weighted by His urgency, as all His bride and remnant look to eternity. Please pray on these messages for discernment from our God and Savior, and trust not entirely in man.

Message 1.
My Father’s wrath comes quickly, and with that My return comes as well. I return very, very soon. The most important preparation is the preparation of the heart. Do not wait any longer. A tsunami will soon hit Babylon on the east, and a whole cup of wrath on the west itself. Those who know me are protected. If the storm comes and you are not prepared, you are in danger. But if you know Me, you are safe and shall not fear. Hear Me, for I am the Son, “for whoever is in Me shall have eternal life”, but whoever does not may go down to sheol. I am the First and the Last, and through Me may you enter the kingdom. The time is urgent, the table at My wedding has been prepared. For I am the Life, the Truth, and the Way! For those who know Me, be prepared to lead and do much spiritual work in this time. When you see these things taking place, do not fear. For I always was, always am, and always will be with you. “…The righteous are as bold as a lion.” (Proverbs 28:1)
-Yeshua, Jesus.
Aug. 2018

Message 2.
The time is now that evil arises greatly and deceives many. With this you know that surely I AM COMING. There will be great evil but what is also here is a great pouring out of My presence and Holy Spirit. Know that I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD! And there is no other before Me. Through My Son mankind has been given the opportunity to repent and have peace. NO MAN may give human kind peace without the truth and acceptance of MY SON. NOW is the time to turn to me, seek My son Yehushua, and repent, or choose to be led by evil and depart from me. Open your hearts and receive Me children, I long for you to come home. I AM with you in this time!! FEAR NOT! For I am the LORD YOUR GOD and I have asked you to do this so you may not be deceived at all but instead find great strength in MY Son and dominion over evil.
Receive me, children. The time is now.
-Jehovah Almighty

Message 3.
I am coming for My remnant with a love and grace like never before! Those who are hungry shall have the bread of life. Those who say they are full shall not receive. Let him who is thirsty come and drink. For the time is at hand when there will be none left to readily drink from.

Message 4.
(8/25/2018 8:00pm)
America, oh prideful America! The blaspheme that you are. This country falls now. The world turns against it. You do not know Me or fear Me. Your focus should be repentance, but instead you focus on your god of money and yourselves. Open your eyes and become one of My sheep. (Then In my spirit I felt compelled to add the scripture Ezekiel chapters 8, 9, and 10 although I hadn’t recalled what it was about, I encourage the readers to look at this scripture as much of what these speak of I believe accurately represent America currently and what is going to happen.) I have sent warning after warning. Yet too many choose not hear. The time is here when this land shall no longer be powerful or beautiful or worthy. This country shall fall to its knees and be slain before the world. However those who repent and seek me daily shall be saved from the world, form the flesh, from deception, and fear. Know My Son, Jesus, “For I am the Life, the Truth, and the Way.” For My remnant, continue to seek Me daily, Jesus, and use your abilities and the Holy Spirit To ended and give strength. Turn from this world and come into my arms, for I am coming soon. The birthing pains increase. The events do not slow down. The fire burns from the sky and the ground. You must seek Me in this time children, and I will pour out my spirit on you. You cannot stop what is coming, but you can stop your heart and others from being lost to the pit. Seek Me so we may rejoice in the closely approaching heavens. I love you sons and daughters. Prepare, for I AM COMING.
The scripture of John 12 came to mind.

Message 5.
The time is NOW. The war in Heaven rages, and so the earthly battle begins! There are no more “ifs” or “buts” the time is NOW! Repent! Repent! Repent! The bear enters! The nations turn against the Apple of My eye. Find refuge in me and you will be kept and protected my children, my remnant.
-Jehovah Elohim.

I just would like to add that these all have been received in a flurry of only one month, and I’ve never been so pressed to do such a thing ever before. Ever single day I feel more urgency and intensity, and although everything seems ‘fine’ the world is far from fine. We all need to take up our cross, brothers and sisters, and give everything in complete submission to our holy and awesome and fearsom God. I have read that many other people speak of things I too have seen, including visions of the marriage supper of the lamb this summer as well as the Lord leading me to belive that this ‘September’ brings something ‘big’ with it. But again, pray for discernment and seek our lord and savior with all your heart. It is time to be completely walking In Faith and spirit as we depart from this world, and enter into our Father and Savior. And one last thing for those who are walking in faith, rejoice! I have felt the spirit of the heavens and they are so joyous, they know the time is near that the bride will be returned home. It is exciting there and they are rejoicing as we should be too as we turn away from this world. Keep going.

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