I was given a 12 hour window to make corrections to website before its shutdown for good. I downloaded the whole thing to my phone so incase it does go away I can start over at a new location it will be something like 444.news or .com or org what ever I can get if this don’t work.

The old site 444prophecynews.wordpress.com is still there but it’s a lot more difficult to run then the independent 444prophecynews.com version and I can’t do as fancy of posts as I can currently. So I really don’t want to have to use it again if I don’t have to. But it’s there as a alternative if it comes to that.  If 444news is still here in the next day or so I fixed what ever needed fixing if not it will be suspended if not taken down for good.

Print or download what info you can cause you might not see it again after today

It’s been an amazing experience serving and working on this site thank you to all who have supported and emailed in your articles and helped me along the way.

Your Brother In Christ

Jonathan Theiben

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