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Update: Report on What’s Inside the “Vaccinations” – Sharlene Reimer


Update: Report on What’s Inside the “Vaccinations”

October 4, 2021 12:09 PM
Sharlene Reimer

Oct 4/21 Mon am

Hi Readers,

I was sent a Stew Peters of rumble.com report/video of American Dr Carrie Madej, who examined the vials of different brands of the “vaccine” under a microscope. It was very creepy. I asked Jesus about it and He told me to go back to look at the info I collected last November of 2020. Jesus encouraged me to warn the people again.

My understanding is that those who submit to the injections, their bodies are being preconditioned with biometric technology; nano particles- that with each consecutive injection, will assemble and grow as it attaches to cells in the body. This prepares the groundwork for the future “vaccinations,” for the onslaught of more biometric building blocks where eventually the body is being transformed into an artificial intelligence creation. People will be like a type of computer. I believe that when God said not to take the future “vaccinations” that come after the next global pandemic, He is warning us that those injections are the final steps of completion that ultimately lead to being part of the beast system. DNA structure of the body will be changed. You will not be able to change your mind or remove it as it will be one with you. It sounds so sci-fi and incredible but I thank the Lord that He is revealing this information to us through many prophets so we can be warned. This is why Jesus said that the “vaccine” is dangerous and we are not to take it. Not only will it not help you but it will also harm you.

I know in part and prophesy in part. God is revealing the truth. Pray that people will receive it!



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