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April 1, 2021 4:58 PM
Daniel Masika

Dear Beloved Family and Partners On 444 Prophecy News Greetings and Shalom all the Children sent their Love and Hugs to You , the whole Team with Humility said Big Thank You for Prayers, for the Word of encouragement and every kind of Help on Sandra ,-Sandra is Doing Okay and Big Thank you for Prayers the Surgery went successful, She went Through a lot During This Surgery But she is Doing Good Now, she Can open Her eyes ,She can recognize Color’s and people that Care for Her she smile when she see Them ,she is Recovering Slow step by step each Day and she will stay in Hospital for a while as she go Through tests and Body excises ,I will Update You , We are Humbled with Your Love Keep Praying!!! we were not allowed to Take Pictures But soon we will do!!!! On the behalf of The Team and Sandra with all Other Children and Those Children with Physical Challenged in Team of Joy we Say Thank You and Big Big Thank You!!!!

-Please Keep Praying as We have Corns, beans with Rice, which we Have in Store But we are Out of Sugar, Salt, Cooking Oil, Soap, Detergents and This we always do it after every Four Months which Most Cost us $2800 for all 270 Children This Type of Product on the Picture Below is Urgently needed ,
Please Pray and if You Can Help we will be Thankful For Donation Via Paypal Please Click here to donate

Much Love


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