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August 2, 2022 11:32 AM
Angela Lynne

MAY 2022

Daughter, I have a word for you to share. This is a very serious matter. The events that are about to unfold will shock many. They all believe America is going to prosper again. There will be a short time of this but first much destruction. Another plandemic is being readied to hit your shores and the rest of the world. Many will cry out to ME in this time. Some in anger, fear and unbelief as they thought they would be raptured before anything like this would happen. Some will cry out seeking ME for answers in repentance to have mercy on them and their children. This is not the time of MY wrath quit yet. Much of what comes is the enemy. My arch nemesis, Lucifer. I have been sounding the alarm through many prophets for many years that MY hand of protection has been removed. This will be a very sorrowful time for many, but it is necessary to awake the sleeping sheep. This will usher in Great Revival. Which MY daughter, Angela will be one of the leaders of. She has sacrificed much to get here. Great refining that she did not even understand fully. My ways are not man’s ways. She trusted me through it and kept getting back up blow after blow even when she could barely see what was in front of her. I lit her path. I guided her through the muddy waters and now she will soar like the Great Eagles. I desire MY people would walk in greater faith as well. Do you really know and understand MY Word? Do you really believe it? I do not expect perfection. This is why I came, but obedience to MY commandments and instructions is a requirement. This is proof you actually believe me, the living WORD. Faith without works id dead. Your pastor is not going to get you into Heaven. Going to church.. proclaiming me without actions to back it up is dead faith. YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN OF MY SPIRIT. Many will loose their lives in the upcoming calamities and disasters. Many will continue to loose their lives from the snake bite and the next upcoming plague. Your most important decision is where you choose to spend eternity. Get to know ME NOW and ask ME where you stand. I will show you. Many believe they are saved, but are caught up in dead religion. Is this you? It is MY desire for all to be saved, but it is your choice not mine. Choose wisely. Love, Your Messiah, King of the Universe YAHushua Jesus as many of you know ME Please, there is little time left. Use it wisely.

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