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UNSTOPPABLE! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

UNSTOPPABLE! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Sunday October 14, 2018

“Vain are the imaginations of men who think they can stop My Hand of judgement! Foolish and bewitched are those enchanters who prophesy from a dark place. Your false prophets and false teachers speak lies and practice divination! My Word IS My will and it will be accomplished as I have said, but fools run to their folly, leading many to their demise! Follow after Truth, for it will not lie, follow after righteousness, for in it you will find life! America, you are weighed in the My balances, My scales are true, and you have been found wanting; Unjust, untrue, and unstoppable, as you slide into the abyss! Your leaders are foolish, blind, lame, and deaf, they are powerless to stop what is coming, yet many hold onto a false hope and rest on the arm of the flesh. I tell you this day, that many have ignored My shakings, but what is coming next, no man can deny that My Will is UNSTOPPABLE!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Hosea 10)

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