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Unprecedented Persecution – BRIDEOFYESHUA-RS

Unprecedented Persecution

April 15, 2022 2:43 AM

Friday, April 15, 2022, at 13:05

“My precious daughter, come to Me, listen to My voice and hear the words I give you.

This world is getting closer to its end every day, darkness is falling upon the whole earth, the land no longer produces crops for the farmers, and the birds in the air are no longer able to fly as freely as they once did.

The ruler of this world, the king of this world, the evil one will soon have complete control over the whole world and its inhabitants. The Antichrist who is possessed by him will soon appear on the stage of this world for all to see.

My people are about to face unprecedented persecution. Stand strong, My children, know that I Am with you, and I Am with you through all this. Hold on to Me tightly, do not let go, and no matter what happens, set your hearts and minds on never denying Me and My name.

Do not fear to lose your life on earth for Me, for it is a great blessing for you to suffer persecution for My sake, and even to give your life. At the moment they touch your body, your soul has left this tent of yours on earth and be with Me, you and I together will watch how they treat your physical body.

My children, prepare yourselves now, put your house in order, give your hearts, your everything to Me, trust Me in all things, seek My heart, My leading. Spend time each day to sit at My feet and listen to My voice; spend time daily to read My Word, for My Word is a lamp to your feet, a light to your path, My word is Spirit, is life.

I Am the way, the truth, and the life, the light of the world, and if you walk in the light, darkness must flee from you, for the light pierces the darkness and drives it away, to make all places that were once covered with darkness will now be filled with light, and all who are in the land of the shadow of death of darkness will see the light and will come to the light.

My children, remember the promises I have given you, for in Christ all My promises are ‘yes’. I Am the vine, you are the branches, without Me, there is nothing you can do. Come and abide in Me, and I will abide in you.

The coming darkness is terrible, but those who are in Me no need to fear, for I Am your refuge, your high tower, your help at all times when you are in trouble, and nothing can harm you for I Am with you.

I say again, do not fear, just come to Me. Time is running out, prepare yourselves, My children, get ready! ”

Please take everything to the Lord in prayer,

God richly Bless,


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