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United States came under Sharia Law – Darren Mc Clinton

United States came under Sharia Law

Darren Mc Clinton


it was like you couldn’t do anything without it being considered offensive. I was surrounded by Islamic practicing Muslims no matter where you went in the US. You couldn’t eat certain things or watch certain things as entertainment.

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  1. Excuse me, but I don’t think Russia and China will accept Sharia Law. Russia and China will possess America in the future.

  2. Brandon J

    I think the man was just sharing a dream Catherine. I’ve gone years without knowing all or some of the interpretation of a dream God gave etc. I appreciated the fact it was very short. There wasn’t a lot of capitol LETTERS and additions of his own thoughts which can accidently led people instead of the Holy Spirit. Be easy on the man 🙂

  3. ali winters

    The entire Constitution would need to abolished in order for this to happen.

  4. Carol Mattingly

    Not every dream we have is from God. I have read things on here that are absolutely beyond fantastic and have NOTHING to do with the Holy Scriptures, which I have studied for years. I have stopped correcting, arguing, or pointing them out. They know who they are, many false wannabes who put foolishness out there to fool the poor person who does not read and study the Bible. I have heard many theories as to why they do this, to draw attention to themselves, to make themselves feel better while putting others down, etc. This is not the Spirit of God! I really don’t care why but I just push delete now and don’t bother with it. Moses was the most humble man in the world. He didn’t try to make himself somebody. He waited on God to make him what He wanted him to be. Would that we would all strive to learn a lesson from that!

  5. madelyn Camp

    God WILL allow Islam to be part of His judgement against America. There will be MANY facets of govt. implosion in America differing in different areas geographically. Gone are the “old” ways of one govt. control….think…old wild west…there’s a “new” sheriff in town…and it might be Islamic, Chinese, Russian, Nephilim/alien, looting/raping/gang control…pick your poison…there IS “one” world wide govt. of occupation we are all under. Seizure and control of countries by military forces using weapon systems. These systems are silent weapons. they are engaged to massively reduce and control world wide populations. It’s important to understand there is no where you can hide. Understand what is happening and come into your own emotional and spiritual alignment. What we face is diabolical. It’s going to escalate rapidly. Psycho world leaders controlled by non human Nephilim aliens. I take great comfort in I AM the Architect of the Last Days.

  6. madelyn Camp

    the constitution was abolished LONG ago….

  7. peter

    Satan is dividing everyone, also Christians…

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