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Unfailing Love – 278pikelk

By 278pikelk

June 5, 2016
Unfailing Love

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear.
Many of My children struggle with disobedience, guilt and shame. All of My children disobey at one time or another in thought, word or deed, but My children, I do not want you living in your sin. I do not want you walking under the scrutiny of the enemy for understand that he has no right to condemn my children. I AM now your high priest and I have fulfilled the sacrifice for sin once and for all for those who will receive Me. You understand what once and for all means for those who believe? There is no further atonement for

your sin or the sin of mankind. My perfect sacrifice cannot be added to in any way, shape or form. It is finished. Your walk with Me won’t ever be perfect, My children as long as you walk on your fallen earth. There will always be sin. Whatever it is you struggle with, My love, don’t give up. Give it over to Me as many times as it takes. Your sanctification doesn’t happen in an instant. It is a process. Every time you allow the enemy to condemn you, every time you try to fix yourself on your own, it stalls My sanctification process from taking place within you. It stalls the circumcision of your heart. It is

because many of My children live under condemnation. Some, their entire lives, but they never grow in Me. They stall the sanctification process and remain in a back slidden or going nowhere state. Others believe they can avoid sin and present to me the good works of their flesh while never growing in Me or in relationship with Me. Those that struggle the most lack a true understanding of My perfect plan. They do not receive My grace even though it is being poured out upon them to overflowing. Understanding My mercy the way that it should be understood and must be understood is the key.

Understanding that My death on the cross removes all condemnation is the key. Only when you come to this understanding of My mercy can I work within you. Only when you come to the end of yourself can I circumcise your heart. My mercy abounds, My children. It does not run out. Anyone that sees My mercy firsthand will forever know it is there and will never escape its hold over them. My mercy is perfect; it is eternal. I AM called the Savior because My creation needs saving from themselves. I AM called the Savior, My children, because you have nothing to do with saving yourselves. The way

you live every day can either be a testimony to My mercy, or you can stay stuck in yourself and will stay stalled on My path. Choose My mercy and the freedoms that come with it, My children. Realize My promises for you. Allow My Holy Spirit to reign within your heart. Spend no time allowing the enemy to tear you apart. Most of all My children trust Me. My heart towards you is overflowing with My perfect agape. I want My peace that passes all of your understanding to reign within your heart. The enemy does all he can

to steal your peace. He gets you to focus on your sin. He gets you to focus or your weaknesses, and he removes your focus from Me. Be bold in defeating him in your daily walk, My children. Be bold in standing before My throne of grace where I sit before you with open arms and a heart overflowing with mercy. I love you, My children.


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