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Dream: Unexpected Storms – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

8-20-2018 Dream
“Unexpected Storms”

Last night I had a dream that I was outside with my family. We seemed to be enjoying good family time together.

Then suddenly, unexpectedly and without any warning, there was a huge BOOM of thunder…(even now I can hear it!)
It shook everything around us including the ground upon which we stood.
The skies immediately became a blueish black, very darkened.

I recall thinking;
“I always watch for these things, this is so unexpected, this came out of NOWHERE!!??”

Then it begin to rain, as it were, just buckets of rain. There appeared to be immediate flooding, within moments!!
There were several tornados swirling all around!
(These tornados have always been a warning to me of impending events!)

You could hear them but only see them shortly due to the heavy rain.
The wind was blowing at an unimaginable speed!!!

Then, and most significant was the LIGHTENING!!!
It literally exploded with a huge boom right in front of my family, in fact we seemed to actually have been hit!!
The colors were magnificent!!
It produced colors …
Colors that I have never even seen before!!!
Again this shook the very foundations of the ground we were standing on!!

Immediately though I realized that we were still alive!!!…..
It was as if then I heard a voice say:

I turned around and there was again that great crack of lightening and thunder and it hit both houses DIRECTLY!!!!

It literally turned them into black ashes in a second ,….as if they have been involved in a full structure fire….totally decimated !!!!!

I had the deep sense that in the midst of all these chaotic storms, that the Peace of God was in my heart and we were preserved and spared…..although the damage was incalculable all around.

I awoke……

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  1. David Lockett

    I believe also the sudden unexpected storms at coming, as Psalm 91 says we will be protected supernaturally!!

  2. Catherine Snedegar

    I am really glad to see that there are others out there who are hearing from God.I do believe that the church needs to live a repented life and in daily victory. I also believe with all my heart that to be fully reconciled to God one needs to be baptized in His Name and filled with the Holy Ghost. I was a trinitarian before God showed me this and when I obeyed Acts 2:38 my walk with God changed dramatically for the better. This is what I am called to tell everyone. My testimony.

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