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Jan 28, 2020 7:54 PM

You maybe wondering ? why 3parts to this & what’s Seattle got to do with Florida because after the end of pt2. (PLEASE READ PT1 & 2 UNDERWATER FLORIDA JUDGMENT & SEATTLE JUDGMENT TSUNAMI) Then you can read part 3 & understand. I believe Seattle will be hit with several warnings before her final judgment

After The Carnival Cruise ship was destroy by a tsunami wave heading toward Florida the dream ended.The scene changed the next thing I was on The West Coast in downtown Seattle on the waterfront staring at The Puget Sound. The day was super gray drizzly ran showers hazy my surroundings were all this gray the streets the city it was all a dark gray depressing.

I was with 8 other people outta now where a huge tidal wave came roaring in towards Seattle it built up real quick. The look of horror I could both see & feel my heart was in my face I yelled everybody run. We began to run up hill the wave came in strong it was heading up Seattle’s steep hill’s all 8 of us headed into a building to the rooftop that is in The University District ??? but it’s in the middle of downtown.

I felt like the water would come that high in someplace we were safe I got a sense you could make it to the 3rd or 4th floor you’d be fine.

Again The scenario of the same dream replay again I’m standing on the water front in downtown Seattle looking out at The Puget Sound. All the scenery was the same dark gray depressing same type day drizzly cloudy rainy. Again with the same 8 people when the wave hit the same feelings the same look on my face of horror.We all ran back up the hill to the building. The Lord will often reply or rerun a dream to help me understand !. this is of him 2. it will happen 3 to warn you it’s coming.

This isnt the 1st dream about Seattle’s judgment of tsunami God has been warning me in dreams since 2007 & thru other Christian’s here. I was shown Seattle Space Needle thru pictures I took 2 of them you could see a hand wrap around the middle of The Space Needle. Yanking it back the thumb in the shape of a tidal wave this was 2008.

This was 9mons after I was warned by a brother who’s friend & wife saw The Space Needle being yanked back into the ocean 2007. I had to pray for alot of confirmation after I met that brother who told me this and many dreams vision’s from many people God has sent.

I believe that God is showing us the season this will occur Florida dream was nice warmer sunny clear & Seattle was drizzly hazy cloudy fog. I believe it’s winter I got both coast will be hit right at the same time with in the same season I had 3 dreams in the same dream 3 is a number of God.

Seattle is very demonic & her sin’s she is Sodom the Lord has told me witchcraft,bestiality,incest, the pagan festival’s the coldness towards those w less her wealth has made her full of pride like Sodom. They force trick striaght men into homosexual act’s not all gay’s but those God know are set aside for satan who will not repent. I see it with my eyes when I was gay and after God changed me they jail you here if you talk about Christ with anyone Gay or Trans WELL I SPEAK MY MIND I AIN’T SCARED.

This city is an Illuminati stronghold the symbol’s are everywhere here and Satan’s agent’s they don’t hide it So many Buddhist temple everywhere. Most of all they love to abort babies sacrifice burnt offerings on their rooftops to pagan god’s they worship nature the Sun I have seen these abominations dancing naked in festival’s honoring to demon god’s provoking The Lord to anger he say’s this city has been a provacation before his face since it was built. Her drunkenness the spirit of strong drink in her since her creation so I will remove her from my sight



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