Undertow! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Undertow! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

August 5, 2018

“America you are in the last days of your existence! Normality and security will soon be bywords and thoughts of what used to be. You’ve overplayed your hand with your enemies, and you have underplayed your commitment to Me! The twilight of your existence has come, the former glory of your history will serve only as a “mirror of reminder”, of what used to be!

Many of My people are running to and fro trying to rebuild what they have wasted. I tell you this clearly, it is like a man who chases in order to catch, a falling star!

The wind has no barrier in which to stop its mighty force, once unleashed in it’s fulness. Neither shall a false covering from false conversions keep Me from executing My judgements!

The undertow is here, the force of My displeasure is being revealed. But can you see it? Can you feel?

For many who cannot answer in the affirmative, it will be too late when the winds of change crisscross your nation! America you have one choice, brace yourselves for impact and behold your God!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 17)

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