Sunday September 10, 2017

Daughter, I want you to write these words down.

What will it take to wake you up children? Why do you deny My Hand is over all things? You must come out of your slumber and realize this is not due to climate change. Did I not give plenty of warnings concerning My Judgments have begun? My judgments have no relationship to climate change. Soon you will all see it is I, *Yehovah, that is over this earth and all that is in it. You will know it is I that has decreed judgment against America and throughout the world.

You ask “why would God do this to us?” Have I also not told you why? It is you, My children, that refuse to humble yourselves, it is you who refuse to turn from your sins, it is you who threw me out of your lives. Your love of mammon and superficial things as well as people is what got you to this point. You love violence, vulgarity, pornographic images, filthy movies, violent games, fornication, adultery, pedophilia, homosexuality, abortion and so much more. You say “I do not love these things”. If this is so, why have you not spoken against what I hate? Why do you “tolerate” abominations in My eyes? Those who are with Me are speaking out against everything I hate and bringing truth to the forefront. You must get your heads out of the sand!!

How many Pastors/Preachers are speaking out against abominations, sin, and repentance? Children, you need to remove yourselves from these for they are keeping you in your coma and complacency. These men and women follow the ways of Ba’al and take your hard earned wages, push entertainment, live lives in filth and call themselves anointed by Me. They are NOT walking in My Ways. These same men and women will turn you over to FEMA camps for your beheading. They work for government; their allegiance is with them and not with Me. I have warned through My Chosen about this before but you continue to “disbelieve”.

Children, many of you will perish because of “unbelief”. Unbelief of My warnings, unbelief that I never changed, that I AM is the same Elohim of the Old Testament and New Testament. You live in “unbelief” of My Word and twist Scripture to justify that My grace allows you to remain in sin. You are in danger of hell fire children. Do you truly believe that I will accept anyone in willful defiant sin into My kingdom?

Many of you will accept the Mark of the Beast, The RFID chip because you have not studied My Word so you believe the lie that you can still be saved if you take it. You “disbelieve” My warning of how this will alter your DNA and seal you forever to eternal flames of hell.

I AM does not mince words nor am I one who can lie so why do you disbelieve? It is not I that desires for you to perish. Many will put themselves there. All you had to do was come to Me, let Me in and I would have taught you these things.

It is because I love you, I love My creation that I have sent forth those to educate you, to warn you, to show you and expose the entertainment prosperity preachers. My chosen are serving Me and they did not choose Me. I chose them to speak the gospel, to intercede, to watch, to research and put out truth; to speak against things and the ways of man that I detest and despise.

My children, so much sorrow is coming upon this nation and around the world. You have grieved Me too many times. The testing of your faith will be during all the tribulations. When all your idols fall and you are naked and bare will you then stand with Me or go against Me? Will you die for Me?

Fun and games are over. Whom do you think you are that you test The Almighty and get away with it? I test My children’s faithfulness to Me for so many have no true desire to love Me the way I say in My Word. My Word says those who love Me OBEY Me. They obey My commands. Most of My children are in total disobedience and in rebellion. You have not surrendered yourselves to Me and admitted you are in need of a Savior. Many of you are still lost yet believe you are saved. You must submit to Me, yield your hearts to Me. You walk in defiance, are double minded and unstable in all your ways. Again, how many times must I tell you that to have one foot in the world is in enmity with Me? You cannot walk in the ways of the world and all its lusts and then go to your church professing My Name. This makes you “a hypocrite”, child, and a Pharisee. To be of My church you must be The Church of Philadelphia and be true to Me.

Come and I will wash your garments clean if you repent. I see right through each of you for I, The Great I AM is the only one that can read your heart. Remember, regretting what you have done is not true repentance. True repentance is one who desires to rid themselves of sin and is sorrowful that they have committed iniquity before a Holy God.

Out of My great love, I continue to send forth last warnings but these warnings will cease soon. As events unfold and your idols fall and homes destroyed, the globalists will censor all communication if My Name is attached to it. Persecution of Christians will increase to unprecedented levels. So, for now, receive these warnings and take them to heart. You will need to remember the words I have spoken through My scribes, My chosen ones.

Wake up before it is too late! Your days of freedom are coming to a close. Prosperity over. Cursed nations do not receive My blessings!

Children, destruction is on its way! I am your only hope! I am the only way! I am the only one who can save you and bring you home! I am your Savior! You must get your heads out of the sand and repent before Me and ask for forgiveness. There is absolutely NO other way!

Do you now understand My child that you must face the reality of what is coming to this nation and see how all nations are going under? These are the end days and My Return is soon! You are living in the days of the end. My kingdom and My government is coming soon.

I love all of you. Return children! Stop excusing your sins for I will not accept your excuses on that day!

Yeshua HaMasiach

Read Ezekiel Chapter 7

Jeremiah 17:10 “I, the LORD, search the heart, I test the mind, Even to give to each man according to his ways, According to the results of his deeds.

Psalm 11:5 The LORD tests the righteous and the wicked, And the one who loves violence His soul hates.

Proverbs 17:3 The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, But the LORD tests hearts.

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