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UFO Warning – Rescued Sheep

UFO Warning

Sep 3, 2019, 8:03 PM
Rescued Sheep

Word received September 3, 2019

In prayer this evening, in a moment when I was not at all expecting to receive knowledge like this from the Lord, I heard “UFO.” Then I saw a UFO; it wasn’t a vividly clear vision but I had the impression of a UFO with tentacle like things extending from it.

The Lord usually speaks to me in dreams, and I am still learning how to hear His voice while I’m in prayer. So I was a little caught off guard and honestly not convinced that it was Him speaking rather than my imagination. But the rest of my prayer was as follows.

I asked, “God, why am I hearing ‘UFO?’”

He said, “UFO coming near you”
(I live in Dallas, Texas for anyone who is curious)

After asking how He wanted me to pray for this, I felt led to pray for His children—for those that are His to not fall prey to any deception or attacks/plots/schemes of the enemy through this UFO appearance.

After asking for anything else He wanted me to know about this UFO, He said, “You have seen it in a dream.”

Immediately I saw a scene from a dream I had a couple weeks ago. This dream had a lot of moving pieces and scenes but this is what I remember. In the dream I saw thick, smoky blackness creeping up from the ground. You couldn’t see through the space that it covered. Then everything was completely black, not a thing in sight, and I had the knowledge that Jesus would be coming back really soon. Then in the next scene, I looked up in the sky and I saw what I thought was a celestial body. It looked like a huge cluster of stars or a galaxy or something. It was very pretty, glowing, and had hues of green, blue, and purple. In the dream I knew that what I was looking at was significant but did not think it was a UFO. But this is exactly what came to my mind when the Lord told me that I had seen the UFO before.

I asked to receive confirmation on all of this before posting anything anywhere, and after a personal physical reaction that happens to me sometimes during prayer, He said “My word is sufficient for you.”

So that is what I heard tonight and feel like I need to share right away. Of course please take this to Jesus in prayer. God bless you all.

Please also see this from Watch Woman on YouTube:

In Christ,
Rescued Sheep



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