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Tyranny In The White House: The Man Of Sin Of Revealed – Olasubomi Williams

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Tyranny In The White House: The Man Of Sin Of Revealed

September 11, 2023 4:00 AM
Olasubomi Williams
Ephesians 6:12-19, 2 Thessalonians 2, Daniel 12:10-12, 11:2-4

Dream: I had a dream where I was in the white house. There were people inside the white house and amongst those people was Obama. He had a rolled up sleeve and he was speaking with people to perform certain tasks. However, when he came to me. He would be acting like I was his buddy pal. He looked friendly and cheerful and he was always speaking fluently and with reassurance but when it came to me I was shooked and scared because of the things he was saying. Obama in my dream had a nasty habit of performing sodomy on some of his colleagues and subordinates. He did not discriminate and anything he did it he would force people to watch especially me. I was always praying in my mind for God to protect me and watch over me. I was constantly filling my mind with the word of God anytime I am with him or when he comes to speak with me and in my secret place I would always be praying. He was writing out somethings which as he told me in the dream were executive orders. He was always busy and organising people and giving them roles and tasks and there were also several Christians with me in this building (both berean and lukewarm). Towards the end of the dream, He was bringing some clothes to people within the white house and he was assigning tasks to certain people while I was in my corner praying to God while he was about to enter my building I opened my eyes and then the dream ended.

Interpretation: When I was praying to God, asking for the interpretation of the dream. He said that the dream is the message. At first I was confused but he cleared my doubts by telling me that the dream I had was plain and simple. Thus saith the lord.
Many Christians will serve the beast. The days of Daniel will repeat itself. Both true and lukewarm Christians will serve Obama. They will be my eyes and ears upon this world in the time of the end. Even the servant who writes to you this day will serve the beast. Daniel served under Babylon for over 70 years. Though my children will not serve the beast for that long. They will be posted into high positions of power and authority to serve me and not the beast. They will work for him but they will not be loyal to him. Anyone who decides to be loyal to the beast I will cut him off from the equation. These ones will bring many into salvation. The beast will think he will trap my people but he will only be doing the opposite. He will cause many to fall due to his sorcery but he will not prevail. Man was made to serve me, the I AM, not the beast. However I will put my people in these high positions of authority to serve me and to bring many to the narrow road to salvation.
Satan does not know everything, but he will think to be like me. But remember children I do not emphasis on do not share my glory with any man with anybody. He is not me and he will never be like me. He is the usurper and a liar.

Children, Obama is deceitful. He is very deceitful in the sense that he knows how to mimick certain human emotions. He can cause even my elect to fall. If you let him, he will make you into a puppy and he will make you believe that he is a saviour of humanity as many people see Elon as their saviour. He will greatly hinder and persecute the church and many of my people will be martyred. But also many of my people will serve under him as he brings his new world order upon your shores. He will promote certain ideologies to the max and he will greatly persecute and eventually destroy that which is good. He will laugh and mock me all day long but he knows his judgement is near and fast approaching.

Children, here is the patience of the saints. Let him who falls by the sword, fall by the sword and let him who goes into captivity go into captivity. Understand what those words mean. Pause, I’ll wait.

This means, let those who will become martyrs become martyrs, let those who become outcasts become outcasts and let those who serve the beast serve the beast. All have a purpose in my Kingdom. All proclaim judgement on the first beast and Satan. It is the patience of the saints. They who wait upon me YAH shall renew their strength. They shall run and not be weary and walk and not be faint. That is all my son. Your Father YAH YAHUAH Elohim.

Also, my children, Listen to this: when Obama comes to power, he will issue executive orders that will make him an absolute monarch. These executive orders will grant all power to him. Prepare for that to happen. Monarchism will come back to America.

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