Two Words for Gods People – Judith Rothering

“Let it Rest”

3:30 PM 3/29/2019

Let it rest,
This place that surrounds you.
Let it rest;
For I Come for you.
I will not delay,
I shall come forth to retreive you.
You are my possession, Purchased,
bought back, and newly acquired.
BEHOLD My Children,

Scripture given was Psalm 15 Given on 12/15/2018, finished at 11:46 PM

“Tell the people Near and Far”

1/16/19 at 6:58 PM

No other can save you!
There is not ONE human being who has escaped the process of testing, trial and faith. You must KNOW that not one soul has ever skipped this final part of the process, entering between life and death, and choosing between Life and death. You MUST choose, you already DO choose. You ALONE are accountable for the fate of your soul after you have chosen. Did I not say, “Choose you THIS day whom you will serve!” Therefore says the LORD THY GOD, TODAY Choose ME, or you will NOT be guaranteed this
passing into My Kingdom, this place you view dimly called “Heaven”, For YOUR choosing delivers to your soul the outcome of the destined place you WILL reside Heaven or Hell! Choose ME, I plead with you, OR All of the LOVE I have for you will NOT be able to be experienced by you for ALl of ETERNITY! Doth darkness seem kind?
Doth hellfire look appealing? Call out My name JESUS CHRIST while you still can! Every day, all your days be in My presence, My safety; My Kingdom of Light and Love- and DO NOT take MY grace for granted any longer.

Abba Father,

Scripture given was Psalm 18.

This word was given on 1/16/19 at 6:58 PM after prayer.

J.R. of the USA

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