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Two Visions – Chris Deal

Chris Deal

June 22, 2016

[A summary on 2of 3 visions God gave me]

On Jan 8-10 2016 for 3 nights In a row I had dreams I know was from God they started if not the exact same day it was the day after I finished reading the Word from cover to cover for the 1st time I’ve always just skipped around in the bible and read it everyday . But I never read it cover to cover started n Nov 2015 last year finished it in jan 7/8th 2016.

Anyway the first night I came to and I was in the middle of the ocean & I looked up & I seen what looked like a huge mtn (asteroid) coming out of the sky and I watched in amazement as it wasn’t on fire it was a solid huge rock like mtn. And I watched as it slammed into an ocean. (Which I think & feel like was the east coast of the Atlantic) I wasn’t shown or told were just seen it hit the ocean. I could feel and taste the salt in the air and the wind hitting my face. and I woke up sweating and short of breath.

The next night I was standing outside in a huge crowd of people and all of the sudden like out of nowhere the sky turned black and all the sudden the entire sky turned into an image a hologram possibly , but I knew the entire world was seeing it. As I looked up stunned and amazed a stage appeared and people dressed in black robes with hoods came walking out on each side of the stage. I remember seeing statues of Shiva(appolyon) the destroyer in the background and as I was watching a throne appeared on stage and a man dressed like a pharo or maybe like a Babylonian king was sitting on the throne and behind him came a man in a solid white robe with the white cap on his head it was clearly the pope . Anyway he came walking out with what looked like a gold crown in his hands and he walked up behind the man on the throne and placed the crown on his head and as I looked . I focused in on the man on the throne and it was 100% Obama & as soon as the crown was placed on Obama head it’s like the veil was lifted and instantly everyone panicked because they knew everything they had been warned about and everything that the bible said was 100% true and people started running and screaming and I heard everyone saying ” OH MY GOD ITS REAL , OH MY GOD HELP US ITS ALL REAL, OH MY GOD ITS ALL REAL!!! EVERYTHING IN THE BIBLE WAS REAL , HELP US I CAN’T BELIEVE ITS REAL. And I seen me and I was calm and almost had a joy come over me because I knew what this meant (CHRIST IS RETURNING SOON!!) But as I looked in the crowd I seen people I recognized from my past panicking and everyone started running in a panic but it’s almost like those who knew me was running toward me and as we all got together and ran I remember looking to my left and seeing another satanic ritual in a field on another stage and a huge movie screen with the face of Shiva(appolyon) & people all dressed in black robes dancing around this huge fire on stage & it’s almost like the fire they were dancing around came down from the sky I didn’t see it do that but thats what I felt(Rev-13:13-It performs great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in the sight of all). & as everyone was running a boy grabbed my shirt and said “OH MY GOD ITS ALL REAL , ITS REALLY HAPPENING! ! REVELATIONS 13:13 IS HAPPENING NOW!!! And I woke up out of breath and couldn’t believe what I was just shown. I instantly grabbed my bible and read all of revelation 13 & as tears started to run down my face as I read it . It literally described everything I was shown (Rev13:2” And the Dragon gave his power and his throne and great authority to the beast).. the pope was the dragon and Obama was the beast. So my brothers and my sisters people must hear the message from the messengers God is pouring out his spirit on all his children we are that generation we are his holy ones we come from all walks of life white black Asian Mexican , poor,rich etc were all his children. And He loves us so much if people would only accept the truth I’ve been to hell when I died for more ten min and when I called out to God he rescued me and gave me life . Since that day I’ve never been the same I truly was born again the old me stayed dead and a new creation was born. We must pray even for our enemies and tell as many people as possible. I wasn’t shown times or dates only the events themselves. I feel like it will be this year like it’s eminent right around the corner, the very latest next year, but as I said as the days pass I have this overwhelming urgency growing within me. So pray ,seek, and love . We love Him because He first loved us. I would give my full testimony but I gotta get to work. So God bless you all and I love each and everyone of you. “& They overcame him(satan) by the blood of Lamb and by the Word of their testimony ” God bless

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