America, Judgment

Two Visions: AMERICA COMPLETE BLACKNESS; TRIAL: Guilty as charged, MURDER! – Patti Huson

Patti Huson

January 23, 2019

Vision the Lord had given me. I saw America, and it was completely black everywhere, nothing but blackness. Then suddenly swarms of birds thousands began swooping down, I could not count them, birds were all coming down swooping down upon America to eat the flesh of men. Immediately in another vision I saw the Lord and I saw his back any turned to look at me face-to-face, then he turned back around and walked through the door and the door closed. In my spirit I heard the Lord say, “Do not plead with me, do not cry unto me, do not pray for a reprieve, my decision is made. I will have mercy upon who I will have mercy.” I knew the finality of his words. The 7th blood moon was our final warning from his heavens. I do not boast in any of these things that I will say this is the word of the Lord and unto him I will give all glory and all praise.

January 24, 2019

Guilty as charged, MURDER!. The judge sat quietly on the bench hearing all the evidence, seeing everything, he sat stoic and silent. He then rose from his bench, not talking and went behind the door in his chambers. He said DO NOT BOTHER ME. There still was silence. He then came out of his chambers, came before the courtroom and watched as accusers were celebrating and rejoicing over what they all had justdone, their accomplishment lit up the pink light in the very tall tower, and then he stood, looked directly at all the demons and said “GUILTY OF MURDER“, and as he spoke the verdict the entire heavens shook. He walked back into his chamber then l could hear all of the angel’s in heaven stirring, millions of them and they said “JUDGEMENT IS THEIR PUNISHMENT FROM THE HAND
OF THE ALMIGHTY ONE, FEAR SHOULD NOW BE THEIR CUP OF SORROWS, FOR NOW DEATH WILL COME TO MANY.” And the trial and flnal verdict was rendered. The entire trial over the entire earth was ended. “IT IS FINISHED.”

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