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Two Tsunami Visions – Prophetic Healer

Two Tsunami Visions – Prophetic Healer


Vision #1

About two weeks ago I had a vision of a Tsunami. Looking from the South to the North of America I could see along the Eastern Coastline. I saw New York City. I saw the Beach along that city. I saw the white sand, but buildings, etc. Then, suddenly the water from the Atlantic Ocean was drawn back very far from the shore. I could see that there was a HUGE Wave forming in the Ocean. Then suddenly this HUGE Wave started towards the shore. It grew larger and larger and started to curl at the top towards the shore line. Then it moved with such speed and reached the shore and overtook all of the buildings far into the City. Everything was destroyed. There was much death and destruction. Then there was a second wave that came in and caused more damage. Then another. Everything was wiped out! End.

Vision #2

This morning around 6am I had a vision of a Tsunami. This one was from the North to the South about 50-100 feet out in the water. This one was looking upon New York City after a Tsunami hit. The whole City had been destroyed. Everything was under water almost to the top of the Sky Scrapers. I could only see the top’s of the highest Building’s. I went under water to see what the depth was. It was so deep, I could feel fear in the vision when I saw how deep the water was. Everything had been destroyed! It looked like what the Movie A.I. showed New York to look like after something horrible happened. Everything was destroyed. End.

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