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July 19, 2023 5:04 PM
Averine Pennington


“Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be
partakers of the Lord’s table; and of the table of devils.” (1 Cor. 10:21)

This morning I had a very unusual dream involving someone I know personally and a luxury designer company. I will not venture to name either as I believe they are merely representative of the symbolism that reveals the interpretation of the dream. Please know it is not my intention to reflect negatively upon the person or the company as inquiring minds may easily connect the dots by recognizing character traits or famous logos. I believe both are simply a means used by the Holy Spirit to share a spiritual message.


I was attending some kind of reception or dinner event that seemed to be in honor of the person I know. I sensed it might be a wedding reception (surprising, but not entirely unlikely as this person is a widow). Beside each place setting was a designer gift bag for each guest attending the dinner. I was made to understand that this event was taking place during a time when both food and retail goods were scarce. When I accidentally dropped a bite of food, it was so precious that I reached down to the floor and carefully picked it up with my fork and placed it back on the edge of my plate.

When I opened the ‘designer gift bag’ (with a logo of Medusa), I found inside a collection of trinkets and an ‘Application for Employment’ at the luxury designer company. That was extremely surprising as I knew it was a time of economic adversity and very few companies were hiring. I began to sort through the other contents of the bag and was pleasantly surprised to find a few small edible treats like candies and other sweets. All the trinkets, however, seemed to be ‘items you might find at a thrift store’ or ‘white elephant gifts’ one might gather from around their home to re-gift (a laughable propensity that everyone knows about the person in my dream, yet still admires her gifting ingenuity). What particularly stood out to me was the jewelry. Lots of earrings but not a single matching pair in the bunch!

I’m not entirely sure why I briefly left the table, but when I came back, I was wearing an entirely different outfit. I found that my plate full of food had been removed or taken away and eaten by someone else. There would be no dinner at this table for me!

The Interpretation:

At first, I had no clue as to the interpretation of this dream. I began to research the Medusa logo and the reason it had been chosen to represent this company. Medusa is a figure from Greek mythology whose hair was turned into a head full of serpents, supposedly by the jealous goddess Athena. Medusa is very bold with a confident gaze. All who look upon her are said to be enraptured and made to fall in love with her. They are captured and CANNOT look away! Her victims were said to be turned into stone.

Medusa and her head full of serpents represents a SNARE of the enemy. This dream is a clear warning that as we approach the times portrayed in the dream, we are to be vigilant against the traps set by the beast system. This sounds much like the circumstances that mankind will encounter during the time of the ‘mark of the beast.’ Many will easily be swayed by a free meal and a few trinkets disguised as treasures. There may even be good things (candy & sweets) mixed in with the evil so you will be lured to take the bait. The ‘Application for Employment’ is an invitation to join the dark-side . . . becoming unredeemable, trapped . . . like those who looked upon Medusa and could not escape, their hearts turned to stone.

In these end times, there are TWO TABLES SET. You have a choice as to which one you will sit down at and partake of. Will you choose to sit down with Jesus Christ at the wedding supper of the Lamb and spend eternity with our Savior in heaven? OR . . . will you partake of what the Beast offers at his table and be doomed to eternal torment in the lake of fire? I know this is a harsh reality to think about, but there is just no way to sugar-coat it! There is no more time!

If you will just step away from the enemy’s table and allow yourself to claim the love and salvation that Christ offers, you too can have a CHANGE of garment! He will cover you with His robe of righteousness. You will be transformed by the putting off of the ‘old man’ and becoming a ‘new creation’ in Christ Jesus. You will then only desire to partake of the Lord’s table. And should you be tempted (even by Medusa herself), He will provide a way of escape! He cares for His own and you will never be forsaken.

Think on these things!
Harvest is Here,


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