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Two Rapture Dreams – Tony Lamb


Two Rapture Dreams

September 14, 2020 11:20 PM
Tony Lamb

I know you are very busy and you probably get inundated with all kinds of emails talking about prophetic dreams, I know I do.

I promise you I am different as The Holy Spirit called me to do what I do.
The Holy Spirit gave me a multitude of prophetic dreams and visions about America’s last days.
The Holy Spirit told me 3 times to: WAKE UP AND TELL THE PEOPLE.
And to that end I do all that I have done. 
I even had two Rapture dreams that were the most amazing of ALL my dreams. As I was actually caught up but before I was caught up in a bolt of light Jesus came down to me and HE put His arms around me and I looked into the eyes of God.
Read entire account of the dream in link below
I was Raptured again on Aug.  5,2020   https://tonylamb.org/index95.html
One of these days I will get it right and I will stay in heaven.
my website is:  www.tonylamb.org

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  1. Mark Hewitt

    Not sure if this is just a shill to advertise the books, but to answer the question you pose in your second “dream” ….

    If you assume 30 seconds in “Gods time” and assume “1 day to God is 1000 years on Earth”, then time “passes” +- 365 000 times “slower” for God (365 days in a year pass for 1000 years for God to experience one day), thus 30 seconds is:

    30 * 365 000 = 10 950 000 Earth seconds / 86400 (seconds in a day) == +- 126 days till rapture

  2. CYNTHIA Smith

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful rapture dreams. It will be so very wonderful when that time comes to be with our Lord forever . I am patiently waiting

  3. Carla

    That’s wonderful ! I have never had a rapture dream 😫 I would love to have one … ❤️❤️ Thanks for sharing

  4. pauluswhen

    i had a rapture dream back in 1993 and it is impossible to happen because in the dream i was with someone now not with me 😀
    but to tell you the truth, the rapture is SO VERY CLOSE. do you remember paul said, WHEN THEY SAY PEACE AND SAFETY, THEN SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, that’s our timing… so you know it’s very close now.

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