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Two Rapture Dreams – Tony Lamb


Two Rapture Dreams

September 14, 2020 11:20 PM
Tony Lamb

I know you are very busy and you probably get inundated with all kinds of emails talking about prophetic dreams, I know I do.

I promise you I am different as The Holy Spirit called me to do what I do.
The Holy Spirit gave me a multitude of prophetic dreams and visions about America’s last days.
The Holy Spirit told me 3 times to: WAKE UP AND TELL THE PEOPLE.
And to that end I do all that I have done. 
I even had two Rapture dreams that were the most amazing of ALL my dreams. As I was actually caught up but before I was caught up in a bolt of light Jesus came down to me and HE put His arms around me and I looked into the eyes of God.
Read entire account of the dream in link below
I was Raptured again on Aug.  5,2020   https://tonylamb.org/index95.html
One of these days I will get it right and I will stay in heaven.
my website is:  www.tonylamb.org

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