Two Prophetic Dreams – Victoria Ang

Victoria Ang


Two prophetic dreams

One received last night:

In the dream I was standing in a house and suddenly felt the house start to shake. I knew a big earthquake was coming so I braced myself on the wall. I did not have fear because I knew I would be protected from harm. I glanced out the window and it was like I could see miles away as if looking through a telescope. I saw a side of a mountain come tumbling down as the earth shook…. I was immediately woken from the dream . I felt such a STRONG presence of the Lord. And heard him say in a loud voice” I AM COMING”!!!


Second transformation dream:

First let me say I have the gift of interpretation of dreams and visions( ALL Glory and honor is given to the Lord as I am just a mere servant) I want to give you a brief understanding first to help make things clearer for you to understand the dream.I pray daily for my ” family” and my family “blood line”! I do not have much of a relationship with them and have never seen some of my family . Or if I have only once or twice since age 16. Anytime I have tried to share about the Lord with most they do not want to receive any of my encouragement of accepting the Lord into their lives.I have expressed to the Lord that it has felt like I have lugged around a dead horse!! I have prayed for them since I was very young… That being said it will hopefully help you to better understand the dream…..
In the dream I found myself at a scene of an accident. The FIRST thing I saw was three horses one was dead and the other two were injured but lying in a straight ” line” ! I started to lay hands on each horse and pray. And the one came back to life. And as I touched the other two the injuries disappeared and they got healed. I went around the vehicle and on the other side were several unknown people. I was given the number “7” in the dream and the name ” Peter”.(I do not know any Peters)The same thing happened I touch them while praying and the injuries disappeared. …. And another one that was dead that I did not know came back to life. The dream ended.
Here is the meaning..The number 7 is completeness and perfection . ( Transformed into glorified body) Peter means STONE ! A stone is a piece of a “ROCK “( Jesus Christ)… Doing works in the name and Power of Jesus Christ!
The horses represent my family blood “line “those I have diligently prayed for that seemed hopeless at times. The people on the other side are others that the Lord will heal through some of his transformed end time servants to raise the dead and heal the sick!! …….Be encouraged because the Lord hears our prayers and miracles will take place for those we love and those we have prayed for salvation ! God bless and stay encouraged and in prayer!

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  1. martin kasongo

    This is really inspiring, i have been seeing the number 7 appears in my dreams alot of times and 8 sometimes

  2. Edward

    Amazing…there’s no single prayer you prayed that will go unanswered ,it’s just a matter of time as God has been equipping you,He has prepared you for greater works. You are a such a powerhouse!

  3. Michelle

    I had the same dream with the earthquake and the mountain, only I was outside. I also saw a huge tidal wave, and I was dancing down the street singing, “Jesus is coming!”

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