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Two Part Message To All The Leaders Of The Christian Denominations – Only A Grain Of Sand

Two Part Message To All The Leaders Of The Christian Denominations
May 16, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand

This message only concerns all Christian leaders, in all the denominations: Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox, Independents. Some of you see your lives as a vocation, and some of you see it as a career. Some of you have apostatized and some of you are still true to your God. Some of you live for money, fame, vacations, applause, the world, the flesh and the devil. And some of you are humble men and women, who live only for your flock, and your God.

I AM knows all of your lives down to the cellular level, DNA; yesterday, today and tomorrow. The wolves have fooled only themselves. The ones that are secretly working for the snake king, will suffer unspeakable horrors, when they step over the veil. All will be unmasked at the 3 Days Of Darkness. I AM warns all the false shepherds, decamp now, and repent, for I AM will uncover you, and destroy all your false lives with a fury, that will expose your deepest secrets, for all to see clearly, soon.

Note: the next part of the message is addressed only to members of the clergy, that are attached to the Christian denomination, headed by the False Prophet, who is now in place, and leading his flock to perdition, from the city of the seven hills.

The False Prophet is working for the snake king only. He is weaving a one world church into place, which will swallow all the religions. Thinking to change and obliterate the Law & the Prophets, his efforts will continue until he is removed, together with the anti-Christ, when I AM comes to sweep them both into the lake of fire. His triumph will be short lived. He will demand your personal allegiance, with a signed document which you are Not to sign, or I AM will also abandon you, to his eternal fate, You are to hide and flee, and go underground. I AM will sustain you, if you are not to be martyred. But you must leave in all haste. Make plans now, for the time is soon to be, during the coming war, when the False Prophet will fold all the world religions, into one satanic nest for the snake king and his putative son, the anti-Christ. Many of you ministers refuse to acknowledge the heresy, blasphemy, lies, scandals, the False Prophet has promulgated, thinking to change times and seasons. The Truth will never change. The False Prophet is one of the most cunning men of history. His mask of humility, is a tissue of lies and falsehood, dictated by the snake king himself.
God The Father Almighty King Of Kings & Lord Of Lords

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