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Two Events in a Day – Merab Olfert

Two Events in a Day

Jan 10, 2020 1:38 AM
Merab Olfert

Had a dream in the early morning hours of 13th November (3:00 am to 5:00 am).

In the dream I saw that I was invited to go to a friend’s very special wedding anniversary party. This was an older couple. It seemed as if it was their 50th wedding anniversary so they were going to renew their vows in a wedding ceremony type of celebration again.

The invitation card specified that the celebration was happening in the place where they first met each other, the place of their first meeting.

Location: This place was an ancient cave and the place was hard to find.

Direction: The invitation card specified a map to get to the location.
If you were to carefully look at the instructions you could easily find the entrance to this cave however if you weren’t watching carefully or carefully following the map, the entrance to the cave was very easy to miss.

Time: The celebration was to happen in the evening.

Another Event On The Same Day As The Wedding Anniversary:
Now on the day of the celebration, I saw that in the morning hours, around 11:00 am, I was going somewhere with Donald Trump. I together with 2 other women were going to another “big event” that was schedule to happen that same day. This event was scheduled for the morning. Somehow we were with Donald Trump and travelling to this location with him.
We were close to the location where this other event was going to happen. I don’t exactly know what that other event was.
I saw that we arrived at a place that looked like it was built on some sort of ancient Roman ruins. I saw ancient Roman pillars and the stone floor from the ancient times. The driver of the car drove all the way upto one of the stone pillars and stopped the car there because there was no where else to go further in the car from that point forward.
Donald Trump stepped out of the car and walked towards a man who seemed to be “a watchman” or “a guard” on duty by that pillar. Donald Trump talks to this watchman and says – “We need to drive to the entrance of the building. We are invited to attend the event in this building.”
The watchman says – “I’m sorry but you can not drive to the entrance of this building”, pointing towards the stone steps that went down the hill from those Roman pillars. Then the guard said – “That stone staircase is the only way down and you can not drive on it but you may walk on it and get to the entrance of the mall.”
I heard the word mall and thought – oh wow… So they built an extravagant mall on top of the ancient ruins of this Roman style building.
Donald Trump looked at the steps. They were small in height but very wide. About 20 steps down the hill and it would take us to the entrance of this ancient Roman building which was now a mall.
With eyebrows high and chin up he replied – “Why didn’t you guys build a paved road here so I could drive my car on it and get to the entrance of the building? I’m not going to walk down these steps. The steps are small and wide enough, my car can easily drive on it all the way down and that’s what I’m going to do.”
The watchman responded – “I would not advise that, Sir but as you can see, the steps are easy and wide enough, you can easily walk down without any trouble.”
Trump responded – “No! I will drive! If not on here then I will find another road to drive on and get to the entrance of this mall.”
On and on the dialogue went between this watchman and Trump.
I also noticed that Trump was so obscurely dressed at this point. I wondered – how and why is this man dressed so strangely to go to a very important event? He wore a formal white shirt, a red bow tie, a black jacket and underneath he wore shorts. That’s it. He had shorts on his legs that gave the impression that he was going on a vacation. I couldn’t get my mind off his strange choice of clothes that he wore for the occasion that day.
Finally I spoke to Trump saying – “Look! Really it is just 20 steps. They are easy and small. Anyone can walk down and get to the entrance. Why not just walk and get there… It’s literally right there!!! No big deal!”
With a proud look on his face Trump said to me – “I will go in my car. I’m not going to walk.”
I said – “I don’t have time for this anymore. I have to go now. I have another event to attend and for lack of time, I just can not go with you to your important event. So good luck to you, hope you have a great time. I gotta go.”
With that being said, other 2 women who were going to Donald Trump’s event also left him and joined me.
Now the three of us were looking at the invitation card to attend the 50th Wedding Anniversary of my friends who were an older couple as I mentioned earlier. This was going to be just like their wedding day again. Them, their friends and family were all very excited about this celebration. I too was very excited about it and didn’t want to miss it.
We (other 2 women and I) looked at the map to get to the place where the celebration was to happen. Suddenly I saw that we were infact standing right in front of the entrance of this place which was some sort of a hidden cave.
It was the most unpredictable spot and yes if you were not looking carefully you could easily miss it or just not see it.

Now the entrance had a door. It was a double door. It was white. However it was so small. It was about 3 feet high. In order to get in through the door, I would have to go on my hands and knees and crawl into it. Another interesting thing was a huge round-ish rock right behind the door. It was so huge, it pretty much filled the entire entrance. So in order to actually get into the cave, a person would have to climb on top of the this big round rock and literally roll on their stomach or crawl on their knees and push themselves ahead to get through the entrance and get to the wider inner chamber which you could almost see from the empty space above this rock that almost filled or blocked the entire entrance leaving very little space to get in.
I saw that I bent down and walked through the one side of the rock because I was so small in stature. Other 2 women had to crawl on their knees over the top of this rock. We finally got into the celebration hall. I saw the people there were in the celebration mood. I met the couple who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and they were so happy to see me there. My husband was already there at the celebration as well. I do not know when he got there but he found me there and was glad I got there too.
Then during the celebrations I decided to go explore that cave a little bit. I was quite fascinated to think that the old couple first met in this hard to find cave and were celebrating in the same spot 50 years later.
Anyways, I strolled into a corridor inside this cave and the corridor lead me to an opening. I stepped out of this opening and decided to turn around to see what I could see.
Suddenly I was transported to a small hill quite a ways away and from there I saw a magnificent view. A beautiful ancient stone fort covered in green plants and waterfalls flowing out of the walls on its sides. This fort was a humongous magnificent ancient structure. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life before. I saw the opening of the corridor out of which I stepped out. The opening was covered with lush green plants. Not easily seen but I discerned it. The fort was carved into the mountain so it was a part of the mountain. Then I understood that the Wedding Anniversary celebration was happening in one of the chambers inside this grand ancient fort. I can’t tell how ancient that fort was but it looked like it had been there forever but it was invisible to most humans. It was intentionally hidden by design. I saw magnificent white birds flying above and around the fort. Beautiful creation. It was breathtaking. Then I thought to myself – I wonder if the guests inside have any idea where they really are. Wonder if they will ever get to see what I just saw – this magnificent view of the fort from this side.
In my heart I praised Yahuah. I was also glad I came to the celebration and left Trump to himself, else I would have missed this beautiful place.

Merab Olfert

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