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July 11, 2020 11:47 PM
Judy Reynolds

This first dream of ship was given in the past two weeks. The vision of earthquake was given in fall of 2016. The warning was given on 7/8. I do not have scripture for these, just explaining them.


In this dream, I dreamed it very vividly and quickly before waking.  I saw from a distance a very large ship in front of me, I was looking at it as if I was on the water. I was seeing the right side of the large, long deck, this seemed to be a military type ship though I was not aware of which military or country it was from. What I saw shocked me as I do not have any knowledge it exists, I knew in  my dream that they had invented this recently. I saw on the right side of the ship dark metal conformed to hold mens bodies, the entire things were 7 to 8 ft tall with scooped type form to hold the bodies in while alive and after death. they were at least a few feet apart as they were all aligned the same. On top of the contraption there were sharp blades ready to decapitate. Once hoisted up from edge of ship into the air and slightly over the ship, these men were decapitated and killed, the design was so the blood would run into the sea water immediately and there  be no mess, afterward their bodies were hoisted further and dropped into the water as well. UGH. This was designed to make the process clean, and no bodies for them to deal with. There were about 5 to 10 men having this done to them at one time. I am unsure of which military yet I knew in the dream it wasn’t USA, and it maybe wasn’t a large military yet they had worked hard to make this tech design to suit their secretive plan. This was not a good dream at all but The Lord let me know right away to write it  down and get it out. There would be no sign or evidence of the bodies.


This was actually a vision, my first vision as our Savior had recently “WOKE” me out of slumber as to what time on earth it was, end times. I was worshipping and singing to JESUS and I was on my bed and suddenly I was like high above the USA looking down, I did not feel the earthquake but knew
that it was on my right, California had been the state with much damage, and I also thought that this may be a world wide quake, it was huge and unprecedented. JESUS spoke to me and told me that I “would feel like He abandoned me, but He will NOT leave me or forsake me and to Look up when this happens that my redemption draweth nigh
and that He wants me to at that time tell everyone of JESUS and tend to their needs and  He would come back to get me.” I know this sounds sort of strange but this is very clear what I saw and heard. Once the quake happened and He spoke I immediately saw that I was  on the streets tending to the wounded and giving water, doing anything I could to help. Praying with people and telling them of JESUS too. I’ve had this dream tucked away in my mind and The LORD has told me to get it posted.


As I was praying a few nights ago, The LORD spoke softly but clearly that there will be flooding in the area of Dublin, Ireland. There are long rivers there and I looked up just one, River LIFFEY which is 20 miles SW of Dublin but there are other rivers right in that area as well. JESUS said this would happen soon. The Lord told me a few things right away to pray for that will help the people  but He just wanted me to post this for people to pray for souls and the Believers  that live in this area.

May God richly bless all of you and I cover you in prayer daily,

Judy Reynolds


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