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Two Black Evil Dreams

April 29, 2022 9:20 AM

1. Black Hybrids & Animals In The Sky
2. Black Wedding In The Catholic Church
By Pollox
April 29, 2022

1. Black Hybrids & Animals In The Sky
Scriptural Reference:
A. Revelation Chapter 6 Verse 17
“…for the great day of their wrath is come, and who is able to stand.”
B. Revelation Chapter 12 Verse 15
“And the serpent cast out of his mouth after the woman water like a river.”

I had a strong dream, last week but was told not to release it yet. It was vivid and straight forward. In a room upstairs in a second story building, talking to a woman about fabric (read the fabric of life). She was a financial expert and was explaining to me the financial reset, the coming crash. At that time I did not know the exact identity of this person but the Holy Spirit as I was writing this down this morning, told me it was Catherine Austin Fitts. Looking back Bingo! yes it was her! (Pray for this courageous woman, she is solid gold and God’s financial instrument, in a cesspool of greed, lies, secret deals and sin.) If you have not viewed the posting by her on Page1 above, it is long but very succinct and sharp to the point.

As Catherine was talking to me, how the system would collapse, we went down a flight of stage to the ground floor, (read the financial system crashed). Catherine disappeared and I went outside a door to the lawn and looked up to the sky. I was shocked to my core to see a caravan of huge monstrous black hybrids (demons mixed with animal shapes) traveling from left (read evil) to right. They filled the sky. Having no fear (read ‘It Is What It Is’ & I am covered by the Blood of Jesus), I turned right and walked clockwise around the building to the back of the house (read the house is the world) and looked up into the sky.

Another huge caravan was traveling from left to right and filled the sky. Only this time the figures were only animal shapes, totally black marching in pairs and lined up in single file formation: Camels led the pack. The Holy Spirit just revealed to me, “It is like Noe’s Ark and the entry of the Animal Kingdom into the boat.” Only these customers were all evil, satan is the monkey of God. He is mimicking God’s saving action with a diabolical duplication. This is a march to the death of the Animal Kingdom.

Notes: The tying of the financial reset/currency collapse/transition to cashless system/Mark Of The Beast System and the appearance of all these alien beings/ great animal die-off/giants/hybrids are tied together in time/intention and plan.

2. Black Wedding In The Catholic Church
Scriptural Reference: Revelation Chapter 13 Verse 13 & 14
“And it did great signs, so as even to make fire come down from heaven upon the earth in the sight of mankind. And it leads astray the inhabitants of the earth, by reason of the signs which it was permitted to do in the sight of the beast, telling the inhabitants of the earth to make an image to the beast which has the wound of the sword, and yet lived.”

The dream opened I was sitting in a pew of a Catholic Church, right side, close to the front. There were very few in the church (the real Remnant). We were waiting for a service to begin. Suddenly, the front door opened and a huge crowd entered the building, starting to sit down. All the pews were quickly filled. A lady sat next to me on my left. I then realized it was a wedding, as a young couple were walking up the center aisle, to the front.

A Catholic priest entered the altar area and walked down towards the couple. He started to speak, but not the wedding service, he was introducing the couple starting with the young man, young and handsome. Beckoning the man to turn around and introduce himself. The Bridegroom was startled and a little shy or maybe he hadn’t expected this, I do not know. He was wearing a black tuxedo and his speech was short. He turned back to the altar area and the priest introduced the Bride. Turning to face the congregation, the priest celebrated her considerable talents in the technological and movie industry. In a flash, the whole altar area morphed into a room sized screen with images of hell fire, smoke filled the entire church. Sulfur fumes, bubbling lava and smoke billowed everywhere. Hell had exploded like a volcano on earth. The vision snapped shut I immediately woke-up.

Notes: The final take-down of the Catholic Church is here. Francis The Destroyer will try to gut the Bride of Christ. Techno Delusion & Miraculous fake theatrics are involved in a bait-&-switch operation. Many will fall for it (some only initially), for the lies. It will be convincing and demand the attention of the whole world. He himself will be murdered, but his successor, a German cardinal (not Marx), will finish the job and usher in the AC. THE TIME IS NOW NOT LATER!

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