May 1, 2020
Kim Chadwell

My daughter, what do you see? I see a mountain with a church building sliding down the side. Yes, my daughter, yes. The church has fallen! The church has fallen! The earth shifted beneath and the people did not even notice. Do you see her? Do you see her? She is falling down the mountain, she is falling down the mountain!

My daughter, what do you see? I see people at the bottom piled in the mud and rubble. Write my daughter, write. Hasten your pen to record My word!

The church, did you see? Did you hear? Did you gird your loins for the darkness? You did not gird your loins with My power. You fastened weapons to your hips and paraded as strong men ready for war, but you did not see the enemy enter your building. You fasten the world’s weapon of great strength, yet you do not have my Holy Word on your lips. Did you think you fight the evil one with weapons of man? Did you think you fight the evil one with a team of men? Oh, the meetings you held to discuss your plan and your weapons. Oh, the money you spent to teach your warriors to be prepared to use the weapon on his hip. My daughter, write. Write my daughter!

You planned, you connived, you hoisted and spent, you toiled and prepared…but My church had no warriors at the gates. My church had no warriors at the door. My church had no warriors in the building.

Where is My Word? Where is My Word?

Oh, the weapons on your hips, the weapons concealed in your bags – but My Word is dead in your building. My Word is dead in the dirt taking you down the mountain. My Word has died from your lack of use. Did you teach the warriors the Word on their lips? Did they stand at attention at their post watching for the enemy? Was my Word burning on their lips ready to be deployed?

My daughter, what do you see? I see soldiers armed for battle. I see judges in black robes, I see men of authority placing hands in metal cuffs locked.

Church, did you speak against the authority of man? Church, did you stand to rebuke the instructions of the world? Did you speak at the door of the church for the evil one to remain outside as the sheep entered to safety? No, no, no I say! You did not even rise. Now the world has you. Now you walk in disgrace. Now you walk naked and exposed.

The refusal to speak for Me against the world, oh, the mute man you have become. Now you will walk with your mouth covered. Oh, the unwillingness to keep my church opened. Now you sit sequestered in your homes. You have sat in your homes as people of stone claiming identity as mine, now the judge orders you to be still as stones. Oh, the lack of strongmen willing to stand for me in darkness and war – now the strongmen of the world stand blocking you. Did you live what you say you believe? Oh how now you are believing the lies of the world! Oh, you have knowledge? Oh, you have knowledge oh, man? Your knowledge failed against the test of wisdom. Oh man! Oh man! Oh man, what have you become?

I call out to those with lips not mute. Can you speak? Can you speak My Word? Can you ignite fire in My people? Can you save the church before she is swallowed in the pit?

I stoop down to hear the prayers of the righteous. I stoop low to hear because there are few. Many say they are of me but sit in their beds instead of filling my Holy Church. Many say they are of me and say they carry My power but speak to machines rather than standing in my Holy church which had my hidden power.

Power! Power! Power! You shall see My power! My power to the haughty man who claims to be a shepherd yet cowers at the wolf.

Power! Power! Power! Power! You shall see My power to the weak-kneed warrior who paraded with weapons on their hips yet no power in their mouths. You shall see My power in the wind. You shall see My power in the waves. You shall see my power as the great ships sink. You shall see My power as the stars fall. You SHALL SEE MY POWER IN THE EARTH AS IT MOVES. Will you fight me with your great weapons oh man?

Where is the one I seek? Where is the one with courage? Where is the one who will stand girded with My Word burning his lips? Where is the one girded, prepared, alert, strong, and willing to catch the church from falling?

Where is the one who no longer hides? Where is the one who will no longer cower? I am stooping low to see – I am watching! I am watching! I wait for the sleepy man to awake from his slumber. Oh church, who has beguiled you? Can you not stand in the wind? Can you not stand in the storm? Can you not stand in the dark?

Beguiled! Beguiled! Beguiled! The enemy entered your building and you adorned and welcomed him! Now he has eaten his fill, and soon he shall vomit you to the pit. You have twenty-one days!

Do not look to the one you thought was going to lead you. Rise without him.

I am waiting. I am watching. I am searching. Can you rise? Can you rise? I am watching for the true church to arise. I am watching for the true flock. I am watching for the true shepherds to lead in courage and with their lips aflame with My Word. Have I not promised to be with you? Have I not promised that My Word is a double-edged sword to defeat even the most powerful enemy?

Church, can you not rise and guard your doors? Can you shut the doors in the face of the enemy? Do not welcome him in!

Stand firm!
Stand guard!
Stand true!
Stand bold!
Stand at the gates!
Stand at your walls!
Place yourself in position!
Dispose of production. Dispose of title. Dispose of display for the eyes. Weep, kneel, travail, gather – your time is now. You must rise before it is too late. You have twenty-one days.

Will you rise like My son? Will you rise with power as He? Will you use these days preparing? Will you use these remaining days waiting for the arrival of tongues of great fire or will you fall? Your test is now. In twenty-one days, My Power shall be given to those who stand up. Will Pentecost be true Pentecost for you in this hour, or will you receive the reprobate Pentecost and finish the fall to the pit flaming with fire?

For those who will repent and rise I will receive you with new oil you will need for this time of battle. Come to me. Come to me church. Come to me and live – for the Lord has spoken.

He who has ears, let him hear.


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  1. Joe D

    Enigmatic message. 21 days, is it to be taken literally ? There is an unidentified object which earth will be closest in around 21 or 22 days as given in ” The Final days” and other channels.

    Difficult to understand , anyone who can share,,do so. Thanks.

  2. Kathy Breece

    I do not know if the 21 days is literal, all i can do is stay vigilant in pray and repentance… I trust our Father completely… God bless you all

  3. Leanne

    I have for 1 year now kept getting 22 ,every day I will look at the time and it will say 10:22 or 1:22 ,I have asked the Lord what this could mean ,he hasn’t showed me yet but he has showed me fire balls 3 coming out of the sky , tsunami ,babies being aborted worldwide, mass destruction ,I have thought maybe something big is going to happen in 2022 ,so waiting on the Lord to reveal what it is he is saying to me.

  4. CKd

    Yes, it’s a literal 21 days. Which this year according to the Gregorian calendar would be the 21st of May which of course the Lord knows is the true day of Pentecost. Exactly 9 weeks from the New Year which begins on the day of Equinox. Imagine that… the year always beginning in Spring when things begin anew. Who would have thought? Enoch knew.

    14 days after the new year is Passover and 49 days after that is Pentecost. 9 x 7 = 63

    Everything is distorted and warped in our modern time and calendar system but God’s time never changes. Every celebration and feast falls on the same exact numbered calendar day every single year when we follow God’s time.

  5. Arizona

    OUR FATHER ISN’T KIDDING CHURCH,either you stand up or fall down,I know what your choice will be,Wanta see rats run and hide,GO to any church and talk about the LORD,they’ll throw you out in a second,no doom and gloom for them,happy days or nothing,as their brothers all over the world are slaughtered by their beloved muzzies,THE CHURCH IS NEXT…in 21 days…


    I take 21 days to mean 21 literal days not months or years. Looks like time is nearly up. What manner of persons ought we to be knowing the time we are in, for we were born for such a time as this. After all this is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it!!!

  7. Sarah

    I thought about this message. I remember it seemed very important to observe communion this past Passover.

  8. Eyes Open

    Ok. I agree the church has suffered The Great Falling Away …aka the Great Apostasia which literally means the “standing away from” as they have closed their doors due to the Covid 19 evil agenda. Yes this is true the church has fallen. BUT…… not all. AND …..according to the Jewish Calendar which is Gods calendar Shavuot (or Pentecost) does not occur until Friday – Sunday May 29-31, 2020. Shavuot….is when God wrote on tables of stone His commandments or His covenant with His Bride Israel….also when Jesus wrote His commandments on fleshy tablets of the heart in holy fire and made His covenant with His Bride the church Jew or non Jew.

    But….What is 21 days from now? An identified happening with the planetary system that can wreck havoc upon earth ? Possibly. The Lord has also warned me that the earth is on the brink of disaster and many will die and we need to seek His face for the lost to be saved. But what does 21 days truly have to do with Pentecost according to God’s calendar ….if you consider the Jewish lunar calendar as Gods calendar ?

  9. Daniel Noah

    To All: April 8th Passover. April 9th unleavened bread. April 10th was 1st Fruits. Pentecost is 50 days after 1st Fruits. So, to start off, you’ve got the wrong date. 21 days, is a fine time limit, in and of itself. However. Passover, sundown April 8th. Unleavened bread was April 9th 1st Fruits was on April 10th…you count 50 days from 1st Fruits to arrive at Pentecost, which is on May 30th 2020. So, no matter what mind games you play, the lunar calendar is the clock. Passover is always on a full moon and that was on April 8th. April 9th unleavened bread. April 10th was 1st Fruits, which is the start of the 50 day countdown to Pentecost…which brings us to May 30th 2020. You can say we have 21 days until…whatever. You receive this report on May 1, 2020. So add 21 days, and you come to May 22nd, which leaves you short by 8 days…short of reaching Pentecost.The Feasts of Israel, are tied to the Lunar cycles. CKD, you can use any calendar you like…but your lunar cycles MUST MATCH UP! So, somebody got something wrong here. The Feasts were ordained by God. The Feasts are the Feasts. The Feast is not reprobate-some of the people who follow them..sorta are reprobate. So, the 5 wise virgins who are ready…preaching to the lost on the streets, are somehow w/o a full measure of the Holy Spirit? Because they have not followed your marching orders? NONSENSE!~ The church building has no power. We house the Holy Spirit, that is the power! Daniel IHS

  10. Warrior4Jesus

    Don’t forget that May 22nd 2021 is Pentecost! So;….21 Days from may 1st 2021 will be May 22nd The Feast of Pentecost;…just saying, people who set dates are always more wrong than right, maybe this prophecy is for next year. Either way I’m ready, come quickly Lord Jesus!

  11. Judy Herrera

    Step up and Tim Foster in their latest videos are saying 2nd Passover is extended an extra week- til the 21/22 of this month which is also Ascension day.

  12. Frank

    please pray for discernment 21 days equals 3 full weeks Daniel chapter 10 verse 2

    Daniel 10 King James Version (KJV)
    10 In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a thing was revealed unto Daniel, whose name was called Belteshazzar; and the thing was true, but the time appointed was long: and he understood the thing, and had understanding of the vision.

    2 In those days I Daniel was mourning three full weeks.

    3 I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor wine in my mouth, neither did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled.

    I give all credit to Jesus because I’m not that smart as I was listening to the prophecy and then saw the first comment asking for clarification God immediately put on my heart when Daniel said I’m morned than three full weeks I went back and double-check the chapter and realized according to my spirit of discernment that God has given me that this is what he was referring to but please pray for verification for yourself because I don’t want to be found to be given false testomony so please seek Jesus yourselves regarding this issue. I’m not sure if it applies to everybody God bless

  13. Eyes Open

    Second Passover Sheni occurred for only one day May 8 2020. It’s over now. Ascension Day was May 21 2020 So was Jerusalem Day this year on the 21st. I am not sure of the relevance of these happenings to this prophecy. But the 21 days have passed now. What next?

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