Pam Miller

Word received from the Holy Spirit/Ruach HaKodesh 9/8/15:

Write these words my child,write these words. TURMOIL. DESTRUCTION.CHAOS is about to ensue. People will be running to and fro,not knowing what way to turn. Stay focused on Me. Look not to the right nor to the left as chaos breaks out. Break away from the world,stay clear,stay in prayer,in me, in the Spirit. Shortly unbelievable things will transpire such as never seen before. Take heart, for I AM WITH you. Fear not for I AM IN CONTROL OF ALL THINGS. MY LOVE PROTECTS MY CHILDREN,those who belong to Me. FEAR NOT. satan is about to be unleashed on the earth. Darkness,great darkness will descend. But only for a short while. My precious few,my chosen,will be protected. A GREAT TASK AWAITS THEM AS THEY BRING IN AN UNTOLD &MAGNIFICENT HARVEST in the days ahead! EYES HAVE NOT SEEN NOR EARS HEARD THE GREATNESS THAT AWAITS FOR MY PEOPLE. Go My child in peace;My strength is with you. Yahushua

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