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Tsunami & Russian Invasion – Larcy Mang

Tsunami & Russian Invasion

Larcy Mang

I used to live in California up until 17 years ago.. since I was a little girl I would wake up crying because I had dreams of tsunami and people migrating to the mountain to get to higher grounds.. in 2003 I moved to Las Vegas for my job. I came to know who the Lord was in 2011 and I had the strangest dream..

I dreamt that I was in my home and there was no power as I looked through my windows but saw nothing but darkness. At that moment the TV kicked on and a News Reporter came on and said that a tsunami was coming to get to higher ground.. [like I did in the past I would panic and try to find my family].. I went to the first room in my house and noticed there was light in it. I opened the door and all i saw in this room was a white book.. no furniture nothing.. I went to the book and saw it was the bible. A peace came over me that i have never felt in my dreams prior..

I have also had a dream in 2011. where I was in the middle of the desert. Not sure where but there was an abandon warehouse or building of some sort outside and we were all trying to pass the time.. like we are waiting for something.. we were singing air guitar… all of a sudden planes started to pass by. People were being parachuted from the planes and people started running to my direction when the men got closer to where they were. I heard the people yelling run for your lives… So I ran and ran. Next I was running through orchards and fields.. I was finally able to ask someone what I was running from and someone said find you family the Russians are attacking us.. at that point I woke up.

I am not an interpreter. I am not sure if this was from the Lord..(at that time I was a young believer and didn’t know to ask him to confirm or to help understand my dream)


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