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Tsunami Over USA East Coast – Caroline Diadem

Tsunami Over USA East Coast

June 6, 2022
Caroline Diadem


hi there and welcome to my channel my
name is caroline
and i just want to come on here and
say why i actually started this channel
from the very beginning
so i received the reason i i started
this channel was because the lord
gave me a very um amazing vision back in
and in that vision i saw
i saw like a massive tsunami wave
and it was being heralded in
by an angel so it’s like the angel was
the crest of the wave and it was being
heralded in
over the eastern coast of the united
states and i
knew it was the east coast of the united
and um
i was very amazed when i received that
vision i did not know why the lord was
giving me such a vision even though he
had prompted me to really seek him
and to ask him
to show me things that i did not know
so that’s what i did for three months
and that then that’s when i got my first
vision i have had
had received prophetic words before but
nothing like this
so that kind of alarmed me and i very
diligently began to seek um the lord
about what he was showing me
and so what happened was a few weeks
later i received two flash visions
and one of those visions
that i saw
was i saw an army and i saw a very very
large army like
very very large army hundreds of
thousands of soldiers and they were
lined in very meticulous square
patterns of squares you know all the
soldiers and they were very very
organized very meticulously
and i could i i’m not sure exactly if
the uniform was like gray or green i
can’t remember but i do remember
that i saw i was seeing like just a
small splash of red
on each of the soldiers
and then i
saw another flash vision straight after
that and i saw this lady
and she was in honesty in america and my
spirit just knew she was in america
and next thing i knew chaos had broken
out on the street and i saw her looking
up in the sky she was seeing something
in the sky
and next thing she was grabbing her
children and she was running and i knew
that chaos had just broken out on this
particular street and i knew it was in
so and with that i asked the lord i said
god what is this
and what are you showing me
and the lord told me i actually what i
asked him was who is that what is that
that army who is that army
and the lord told me it is the northern
tribes that’s what the lord said to me
at the time
and um
so then i i
i knew
um that what god was really showing me
was that this army was going to attack
america and that that woman was being
impacted by this the attack on
on her above where you know where she
was where she was living in america
so with that i began to pursue the
reason and i was just my mind was in on
belief you know because then the lord
told me directly
he spoke to me clearly
that he was going to
bring judgment on america
and i kind of argued with the lord
because i was thinking
like why would you do that lord i didn’t
know really any anything about the
depths of america i’ll be honest or
politics or anything like that at the
but i i was like lord why would you do
that this is like the christian nation
on the earth you know like this is the
most christian nation this is the nation
you use to protect all the other nations
that sends out peacekeeping forces and
and all that um
i worked in in shannon airport so i used
to meet a lot of the soldiers american
soldiers coming through so i knew there
was a lot of peacekeeping soldiers going
to bosnia lots of different places that
you know i didn’t even realize they were
there they were there you know
and um
i argued with the lord and the lord said
the lord said no
i’m bringing judgment to america and
he began to confirm this through his
word through the scriptures
day after day after day for eight months
i’m not kidding
now there was one morning all right when
i i said to the lord why are you doing
i woke up one morning and the lord
clearly said to me for the innocent
blood spit spilt in that land through
the abortions through you know slaughter
of my innocence was the word that the
lord’s lord actually used
and then you know and today there’s been
65 million babies aborted in america
alone you know
so anyway i knew that that was the
primary sin i knew that was such an
offensive center god and also you know
there’s you know debauchery and
hollywood has come out of there and you
know it it has infiltrated the world
with her pollution you know so there’s
other things but you know that was a
primary one so for eight months solid
the lord every day through the
scriptures back in from 2016 onwards uh
october 2016 onwards at the time when
president trump has been inaugurated the
lord spoke to me about this
and it was eight months later it was it
took me eight months for that to really
register what god was telling me this
was actually gonna happen
took me eight months to believe what god
was telling me was going to happen
because i never heard anybody talking
about this i never heard you know i
never heard a whiff of anyone talking
about this
i never had the scriptures open to me
the way the lord’s opened the scriptures
to me
and he actually began to speak to me
through the book of ezekiel was one of
the really strong books he was he
initially spoke to me through
i think was chapter 7 was a powerful
chapter and another but there was a lot
of scriptures in ezekiel but there was
definitely a few references in the
ezekiel that confirmed that not only
about abortions and the slaughter of
innocence that was going on
but the real atrocity
um before the lord also that god spoke
to me very clearly about and i actually
didn’t believe him initially when he
told me this but he said that even
believers they go and abort their babies
and then they come back into church and
this was a real abomination before god
you know
and initially i i didn’t believe it but
god was confirming it and confirming it
to me so i believe it you know
um yeah so so these were the reasons you
and that god was was going to do this
and obviously now we’re beginning to see
the beginnings of the stirrings of this
um and you know
and the tsunami
i don’t know but the tsunami could be
the impact of a nuclear bomb
because um since this time that god
spoke to me and i wanted to get on and
and speak about this in this video
you know i haven’t spoken about this in
in quite some time and i just want
people to to know this was the primary
i opened my channel and got on the
channel you know not to get followers
nothing for that i just had to raise the
alarm i just had
an absolute urgency in my heart to raise
the alarm
that this is
significantly serious significantly
world changing
enough that
i had to get the alarm out there so
which way
so this is why i was doing it
um yeah so the tsunami event that i saw
and i’m just saying this just to because
i have a little bit obviously more
understanding now and stuff like that um
i think it’s it’s quite possible tsunami
is it’s either a result of the
earthquakes that are going to take place
because god continuously
in the scriptures and in my prophecies
about the quakes that are going to
happen that he is going to shake the
earth exceedingly he talks about this in
isaiah 24
isaiah 13
um and there’s other references in
revelations of the references in um i
think it’s hey guy
there’s many references but the lord has
really spoken to me about this there’s
going to be a big shaking
massive massive earthquake right
so i don’t know whether the tsunami is a
result of this earthquake or earthquakes
because he also told me that he’s going
to break up the bowels of the earth due
to the innocent blood that’s pouring
into the earth
that’s why the lord said he’s going to
break up the bowels of the earth and
cause the larva to come out because of
the the depravity and depths of this sin
that offends god so so so
so much right
and so the tsunami could be a result of
that the tsunami could also be a result
of the war
it could be a result of a new um
a nuclear bomb and it’s it’s a new
trombon i felt the lord tell me about
new york city
that new york city is going to be hit
with a new tron bomb
and you know at some stage that’s what i
feel so if that’s the case it is a
this is a reaction to a neutron bomb
also the scriptures talk about
you know that um the stars are not are
not going to give the shining and the
moon is going to turn to blood in that
great day of the lord
and i think the great day of the lord is
connected with all of this
you know so that also sounds like
that it could be have nuclear elements
to it where it’s blotting out the sun or
is causing the moon to
change color
and it could be that you know darkness
is going to be spread as a result of of
these catastrophic events you know
so we are you know with the events
that’s happening um in the ukraine
you know it’s quite alarming because of
all the things that god’s spoken to me i
thought these events were going to
happen within three years
of when i originally received the
and i received them in 2016 but i don’t
think i put them up online until 2017.
it took me a year myself to come to
terms that were always hearing from the
lord to actually be able to share it um
you know but so 2017 18 19 20 okay we
have three years we had three years but
and i know that god has stayed his hand
as well and i believe he’s done it many
so i do think the lord has given us more
and more time we stretch time and i do
that believe that’s it also in response
to the prayers of the saints you know um
you know interceding concerning this
but i just thought i’d share that with
you so you know for any new viewers to
my channel
and that this was the main reason i came
onto my channel
was to speak about this catastrophic
and obviously this is just gonna launch
into all end time events is is going to
be hinged on this
because we know that then the european
the european union is going to raise up
and the antichrist b system is going to
come through that the old roman empires
it states in daniel
and you know so so we know all of it is
mechanism for the antichrist to come in
and we didn’t know how it was going to
work but all these events have to happen
you know and they all happen about the
same time because if you look at
revelations chapter 14
and it gives you the season so this
season is mystery babylon collapses
and is destroyed and then the mark of
the beast is you know is is also coming
in at the same time so there’s a you
know different all those events are
lining up together all the jigsaw pieces
are fitting you know
so i thought that i’d share that with
feel free to send me any of your
um anything you want to share with me
um i’d be you know very happy to have a
look at and embrace them all so god
bless you everybody stay safe
and please stay close to the lord if you
don’t know jesus christ as your lord and
savior the reason these events are
happening is because jesus christ is
going to be heralded in he’s coming back
and he’s going to establish his kingdom
um he’s got there’s a millennium reign
of jesus on the earth but
jesus gives eternal life to anybody who
turns away from sin and gives a heart to
and so this if there’s any time at any
somebody needs to give the life to the
lord it’s now i mean it really is now
you know give your life to jesus christ
he’s a wonderful savior he’s a wonderful
and he’ll give you peace in your heart
and i give you he’ll give you strength
and grace for every day
to live for him to live a life that’s
pleasing to him
and he loves you so much he died on the
for you to remove your all your sins to
pay the price
for every sin that you ever
did against him to hurt him
he paid the price for you he paid that
price in full for you
and so please accept him as your savior
today is the most important decision of
your whole entire life
and it will be absolutely life-changing
for eternity he offers eternal life he’s
the only one that does he’s the only one
who’s the power to give eternal life
so god bless you all have a wonderful
day and i’ll speak again soon goodbye
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as well okay god bless you bye


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