Warning, Earthquake, Tsunami


The Lord has been dealing with me about the tsunami’s coming since 2007 when a fellow believer named Mike I met here in Seattle who revealed the coming West Coast and Seattle I will share what God showed me about Seattle’s coming Judgments of water and fire upon Seattle the nukes and war coming from Russia and China I was given a dream 2016 of missiles raining down on Seattle in 2008 God began to deal with me about Indonesia because I was seeking God about the fate of Seattle and if the tsunami’s are from him

I sat in pray about Seattle tsunami and The Lord in that year told me I’ll bring a tsunami at night to an island in the South Pacific he told me later it will be Indonesia The Lord told tsunamis don’t usually come at night well 2yrs later in 2010 at night in Indonesia a tsunami hit w/out warning an island during a pagan festival dedicated to some false God, In 2012 the Lord spoke to me why he will bring more tsunami’s and earthquakes volcano’s in multiple erupting because in the 1970’s thru the early 90’s there war a civil war by Muslim faction’s that killed 1000’s of Christian’s they reject me and worship God’s of their father’s there has been no atonement for the shed blood of his own they choose to honor false God’s leaving him out

So The Lord told earthquake and tsunami rattled Indonesia again The Lord told me here volcano’s will blow in multiple’s earthquakes will shake her and the tsunami’s will continue to come til he takes her off the map I’ve been warned that God’s judgment will put Indonesia under water by earthquakes and a massive tsunami since 2008 she has been hit by multiple tsunami 2018-2019 have seen 2 tsunamis God’s patience is thin please pray for Indonesia

The next warning is about Japan in 2011 The Lord Gave me a dream of the Japanese tsunami in January 2011 In the dream I was on a Black Limo Bus with huge windows there was no driver but the Holy Spirit was driving the wheel of the bus was moving on the bus was me a guy who was taking this tour w me in the back was a bunch of Asian people there faces somewhat blurry as we drove I was sitting on the left of the bus in the front looking out the window it was winter outside there were farmlands a lot we were in the country looking at all this land when suddenly I saw a huge black wave come across the landscape as we drove the land changed to creeks rivers streams this black tsunami wave was covering everything

I knew later the Asian people in the back of the bus were Japanese people and what I was seeing was the huge black tsunami wave that over took farmland it polluted rivers creeks streams I got from The Lord in the dream that the March 2011 tsunami wouldn’t be the 1st tsunami this would occur again I sensed this very strong Japan god showed me hasn’t repented from all the christian missionaries murdered by the empire’s and all the villages with in 400 miles that were near the Christian Missionaries were slaughtered God hasn’t forgotten the shedding of innocent blood they have made themselves God’s and have rejected Yahushua the Christ God will put Japan under water he has shown me that suicide is rampant in Japan it’s the spirit of Komakazi who requires a sacrifice as these people have an agreement with the spirit of death the grave is what Komakazi is people throwing themselves out windows off buildings or diving to their dead like a Komakazi fighter Please pray for Japan


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