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Tsunami Dream – Michael Daunt

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Tsunami Dream

December 18, 2022 5:13 PM
Michael Daunt

This is the dream I had on thursday 16th of December in the night time.

I was on a very large beach which stretched for miles.In the dream I dont remember seeing the shoreline which was behind me.I wanted to have a swim but noticed that the tide was right out as far as the horizon and so I proceeded to walk towards it but then thought to myself that it was a long way away to get there.Then I looked at the horizon again and suddenly I saw a huge Tsunami approaching.It was roaring and there was alot of white water as if it had broken.Normally when one sees things on the horizon such as ships etc they dont appear very large but this Tsunami was huge.If one was standing in front of it it must have been between 700-1000 feet.In the dream I don’t remember crying out to God but I ran as fast as I could to the shoreline.I then woke up.

As I was praying later the Lord reminded me of this dream and In my mind I could still see this huge wall of water roaring in the far distance.To get some perspective on it.where I was standing in the dream far from the horizon it looked at least 4-5 times higher than an ocean liner as it would appear in the far distance.

This dream was very short and I dont know where the beach was but thinking on this I sensed God reminding me that Tsunami’s are coming as judgements.I know there have been many other posts of Tsunami dreams.I feel in my spirit that Jesus is coming very soon and widespread repentance needs to take place.I wasn’t going to do anything but I believe God wanted me to contact you at 444 prophecy news.I am still asking the Lord if there are any other meanings He wants to reveal about the dream.This is all still very vivid in my mind.

Blessings from Michael Daunt

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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