Dream, Tsunami

Tsunami Dream 2-28-2018 – Rosanna Cutrone

By Rosanne Cutrone

Wednesday Febuary 28, 2018

Had a tsunami dream last night. It was scary I was in my 2nd floor condo I saw the first huge wave coming and it washed over my home and left sand at the first floor level as the second and third wave hit I felt building shake and then the first floor collapsed onto the first level was into the ground and the sand was to my windows. I was trying to pack all of my stuff to get out of my condo. As another wave hit and the water washed over us again, This time I could see between the floors and saw the first floor under my apartment level and stairwell I had a cute little black and white kitty and in the middle of the collapsed stairs I saw a white cat a little messed up in her fur from the water she came to me and my place for refuge. I also saw where I was going to a church in the condo somewhere with others. I also saw out of the side where the building was damaged people were riding the waves that were washing into the condo in tube rafts. Then the authorities came and after the kids finished their fun closed the area off from the water coming in I woke up as another wave hit and washed over the building again and this time the windows were leaking and i woke up.
I have been in prayer I am moving either to Pa or FL and have been asking the Lord for which way to go
Up to where my son is where I will not know the area or anyone like a new beginning. Or to where my bff since 9th grade and her family and many of our friends live and I know the area I feel pulled to FL but it’s near the coast too


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