TRUTH that no one wants to hear or believe – Barbara Francis

Barbara Francis

March 15, 2019

Daughter speak the TRUTH that no one wants to hear or believe .This truth is for the unrepentant and the mockers and scoffers I have called and warned you over and over yet every one sleeps. My prophet’s and Messengers are tired. No one will listen. No one will believe what is upon them until they see the fire and brimstone raining down from the heavens. Everything will be burned. I will remove every trace of the abominations from my sight . I will send the waters to wash it away and cleanse the land. You arrogant and proud people will not humble your selves and kneel before me. I will do what I have done in the past, again. If you know me you know my ways. Judgement comes to the evil and wicked generation. Only the remnant will be spared.


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