Aug 26, 2019, 2:32 AM
Collins Ouma

I received this word on 29th May after morning intercession around 3:45am.

I, am the Lord, Yahweh, Jehovah Jireh, The same today,yesterday and forever. I changeth not, I am steadfast and faithful in My word and promises that I speak upon My servants.To perfect it and bring it to pass.

Every word and promise I did release to you My sons, I am now perfecting it,it will not return to Me void. It must perfect its work.By My word I created, I fashioned the world and everything therein.My word brought existence into the earth.By My word My creations obey and tremble before My great word.

I have even honoured My word above My name.My word is unbroken; cannot be changed or altered.I have sealed it and sworn by it by Myself.
Rest assured My son in My word that it will come true in your life.It cannot lie or dissappoint.Look at Abraham, I spoke to himand he believed My word and surely though it tarried but it surely came to pass.

Noah understood this and perseverred in rejection,insults,dejections but he stood steadfast for so many years trusting upon My word.It surely came to pass though it tarried.

Do not let the enemy lie to you that I cannot perform My word and promises.Remember I am a God of impossibilities.A miracle and wonder working God.I am not limited in My power to bless and deliver.I can make a way rifgt through the desert.I know the end of things from the beginning; so cast all your hopes and cares and worries upon Me and you will not be dissappointed. My word never dissappoint.

Never doubt My ability to save and deliver.I deliver and bless My sons. Stand firm in faith in My promises.They will surely to pass.And I say this to you son to inspire and give you hope. They are almost being fulfilled.They are at your door.

Persevere just for a little while.They are at your door step.

Shalom ,
Br Collins Ouma.

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