TRUST ME – Krystal Beall

By Krystal Beall

October 8, 2018

To my beloveds whom are heavy in this hour I AM with you. I have. Not nor will I ever forsake you. I hear your prayers and have collected your tears. I want and need you to know that your depression and sadness is not appalling nor displeasing to me. I AM near to the broken hearted and save those whom are of a contrite…crushed spirit. I too AM a man of sorrows acquainted with deep grief. I bear the pain with you. I hear your cries for deliverance and your pleas for mercy. I will deliver you. The cross in which you bear is a portion of my own and together as one we bear it in love and in pain. Many of you are heavy with the spirit of disappointment and discouragement. You have become weary in the waiting and burdened with grief in that I have not restored you. I say to you my loves who are in this painful place along the path. I AM restoring you. I have. BELIEVE and trust me. You shall see and partake of MY GLORY. I tell you the ones closest to me suffer the MOST and are sheltered by me. Beloveds you are in my wounds. You are partakers of my passion. Those who suffer with…for and in me are to be revealed in my glory. Suffering is not a sign of displeasure nor rejection but of belonging. I AM wrapped around you and AM within you. LORD I do not feel you. I do not hear you. I do not see you many cry to me. Beloveds of my heart. My sorrowful souls…I too AM saddened in this last hour. I too weep and mourn. I share my cup with my beloveds. In communion and intimacy we dine sharing the bitter chalice I consumed in my love. For in an instant the cup shall be the sweetest. The milk and honey does come. Flowing without cease. I know that many of my sorrowful souls have even become bitter towards me. I AM not angry at you. I understand. I reveal my passion in the bitterness and my GLORY in the sweet. Those whom have seen me will suffer from severe bitterness in this hour. The bitterness is my passion. It is ME. I AM WITH YOU. Rejoice for you too shall taste of the sweet to the fullest. Baptised in me. Drinking the cup of my love…my life. My blood and water flows. You shall be raised up loves. TRUST ME. FOR ALL things shall be new before you in the twinkling of an eye. I AM coming soon. Loves I hear your sighs of longing and the weary weary pants of your soul. You thirst. As I. I thirst was my cry. It remains today. I thirst. I thirst for love. I thirst for you to return to your first love. I WILL not disappoint you. How long oh LORD…How long? Beloveds of my passion. Those whom share my cross. I tell you…you shall in an instant behold my face. I AM he the one speaking to you beloved. You will see. You will see. I hurt LORD. I know loves. I know. So do I. Ye shall hurt no more. Your pain shall be remembered no more. Ye can not fathom the GLORY of it all. Gethsemane is cruel and crushing. The cross is heavy. Yet loves in this pain comes life. Eternal life and GREAT GAIN. Trust me. Lord I believe help my unbelief. Indeed loves. Indeed. I AM. I will. I have.
Jesus Christ

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