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May 26, 2021 6:32 AM
Barbara Songer Johnson (278pikelk)
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May 25, 2021

My daughter, write my words for those with ears to hear. Many try to determine what it is that I will do. They predict ME – when I can not be predicted. If my children knew my plan to a tee – the enemy would know MY plan to a tee. What I ask my children is to be completely satisfied in TRUST. I ask MY children to TRUST ME. TRUST MY plans, TRUST MY PERFECT WAYS. You speculate in vain MY children, for the minds of mere men cannot fathom the WAYS in which I will present MY great harvests for reaping. Man cannot determine the how’s of MY WAYS. I’m a SUPERNATURAL CREATOR- with SUPERNATURAL PLANS. I will gather MY children- including the ones you perceive to be far away from ME as the progression of MY PERFECT PLAN unfolds. Do not worry about the lost remaining lost for I have a plan to bring each heart front and center! They will see their choice must be made. There will no longer be the option to waffle. Those luke warm will become hot and those empty of ME right now will be coming to a time where their choice will be black and white. There will be nothing ambiguous- nothing left to chance. The choice will be forced and yes some will be suffering greatly beforehand. My hand will shake your earth, not only a physical shaking but you will see great shakings in the lives of those that still partake in worldly ways and for those that remain in darkness. The enemy has presented himself and they’ve ignorantly fallen into his trap and are blindly stumbling along. When sudden destruction is upon them their ignorance will no longer be bliss. You will see multitudes choose ME moments before peril. This is not meant to bring fear to those that know ME, but comfort- for MY plan will ultimately bring as many of MY creation into reconciliation with ME as will be possible, for once the enemy is exposed- eyes and hearts will be opened and MY LIGHT will shine into the darkest of hearts. Be sure, be patient and TRUST. The enemy wishes for you to be walking in fear and expecting the worst for the lost around you. I assure you MY loves – I AM prepared to do battle for souls as is MY GREAT ARMY. I will not leave a heart of stone un-turned. TRUST, FAITH,LOVE



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